Induce Me? No Way!

So I guess I last left my blog with my letter ‘Dear Baby Girl‘ where I mentioned that the consultant had wanted me to be induced asap because of her size from the last growth scan. Despite it still being under the line, I was still happy with the growth, and I knew all was well. My instinct was telling me that she is growing perfectly healthy. I came away from that consultant appointment saying no, being booked in for another scan the following week and telling her that I may let my Midwife give me a sweep the following Monday.

Of course, this all changed when I got home and had text my Midwife to let her know what was going on who replied with a phone call to say she was on her way to me. The consultant had already let her know what was going on, and I knew she would persuade me to go along with what the consultant had said. I still had the choice to do it all my way, I knew this, but at the same time I had given up this fight. I dont know, I guess I just couldn’t take any more of these appointments where I just felt so utterly deflated and where I was just constantly fighting our corner.

It was only a couple of weeks ago at the last Midwife appointment that I had explained how I would be declining any sweeps if I was to go over 40 weeks as I really did want labour to come about itself. This was thrown out the window when I thought maybe that very Thursday night labour could just happen at home and quickly, and oops no hospital appointment would be needed the next day for induction. So I agreed for my Midwife right there and then to give me a sweep and to phone the delivery ward to get me booked in for the next day.

What she said pleased me muchly, I was favourable and that she could have easily popped my waters. This gave me the strength to actually go to the hospital and agree to there plans but with my own plan formed in my head. I knew that my waters would be popped and with knowing that my last two babies followed shortly after my waters going, I hoped this would be the case again.

So the next evening once I had finally got on to the delivery ward, the midwife was happy enough to pop my waters which was good because that pessary box I saw next to her may have been kicked out of hand and then they would of the refusal from me for them to touch me anymore. With those broken, it was time to try and bring on labour. Walking! Never have I walked so much before in my life, I was going up & down the stairs like crazy. After resting the last few weeks, it was a slight shock to the system. We did laps around the hospital until we needed a drink and thought bouncing on the ball might be a good idea seeing as I could already feel the niggles sweeping in.

Once back they started to talk about the next option of the drip, and how they only leave it 4 hours after breaking the waters. They really didn’t know who they had come across, did they? I said no about the drip and how I’ll be going walking again very soon. They said something about fetching a doctor, who came but honestly? I really couldn’t understand what he was saying. He just babbled the same stuff that the Midwives did. I really dont know/remember where any of that got us. I was popped on the monitor, though I knew things were coming about. The midwife didn’t believe me though; she didn’t think I was labouring yet whereas I KNEW I was. Never argue with a woman who knows her body, and of course, the monitor showed those tightenings. I giggled through it all at first, think this freaked the student midwife out. My way of coping with being in that unwanted environment was just simply by laughing it off, being incredibly sarcastic and knowing myself that it would soon be over. The midwife gave me another sweep & stretch before I went back to the walking.

And of course walking kicked it all up a notch, going around in laps I would find myself pausing, and when it got to the point of having to breathe through it all, that’s when I knew those were contractions. Walked until I could walk no more, not until the time they had given me to go back. Because of course, I was in control, not them. Back to the room, walking past the midwife station, contracting as I went by. Back in the room & the Midwife knew that was it and that I was labouring so left me to it with the student midwife in the room. Made full use of her and got her to pop on the tens as the contractions increased.

So there you have it, I may of went in to get induced but the only intervention I allowed them was to give me that helping hand by the sweeps and the breaking of my waters. I’ll follow up soon with her birth story; I’m just wanted to reflect on this last couple of weeks some more and how we reached the point where our baby girl made her entrance to the world at 38 weeks + 2 days.