Time To Talk

Today is #TimeToTalk day, today we talk and raise awareness that about mental illness and how it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I can proudly say that I’m no longer ashamed about the fact I have suffered with mental health in the past. Though at the time it was a completely different story, I did feel ashamed but really I didn’t quite know who to turn to and what I would actually say to them. I’ve blogged about my own story in the past and how I suffered with Maternal Mental Health. The fact that I suffered it when I was pregnant just goes to show it can turn up at anytime and hit you when you least expect it.

One minute you can be normal, living your day to day life, going to work and seeing your friends. The next minute you could be in bed with cold sweats dripping from you as the thought of going to work suddenly feels like chucking yourself into a shark pit. Anxiety and depressions grips you in a way, you never thought possible. You avoid friends, losing them as you block them out of your life and how you dont think they could ever understand the way you’re feeling. It’s just easier to shut yourself away from them.

But it’s not easier, instead it makes it 10 times as worse as you feel even more alone. You dont know what to do with yourself. You see no way out. Though sometimes people do feel like they see another way out.

I know a very good friend of mine thought of that way out a couple of years ago, remember finding out what she had been up to and was in shock. I was shocked because I thought she was in a good place, I had taken her mental health for granted. We hadn’t talked in a while, we always did have one of those friendships where we could go a while without talking. We really do have a good friendship, because those sometimes are the best kind, we’re both there for each other in ways no one has ever been there for me before. She’s my rock and I wish I could of been her rock at a time where she needed someone. I should remind her more often that she’s not alone, I need to talk to her. I should talk to her.


We do need to talk about Mental Health more over our cups as tea as if we were simply talking about the neighbours new car or our latest catalogue purchases. Maybe then the next generation wont be so afraid to speak up if Mental Health was to come a knocking at the door. The support can only truly begin when a problem is spoken about aloud, Mental Health isn’t always visual because sometimes it can be hidden away where no one else can see.


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