37 Weeks

Woke up at 7am Wednesday morning craving watermelon, yeah that’s a new one for us. I’m happy to report that come lunchtime, the man had satisfied this carving and I had one watermelon waiting for me. The kids were just as pleased about this craving and helped me demolish it. In between watermelon consumption, we had the hairdresser round. Something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks now and as that due date creeps up I really had to get my bottom into gear and cut it sorted. It turned into a family hair cutting session with everyone aside from Oli getting the snip. Yup, that meant our youngest got his first haircut. *queue tissue for the hormonal one* He had the back of his hair and around his ears trimmed and looks so much smarter for it and also older. Proper sign that our second baby, is no longer our second baby but indeed second Toddler.

Hitting that milestone of 37 weeks and having that whole term malarkey thrown at me, really had us making sure we wee ready which I still dont think we’ll ever be. Knowing this was the last bump I had been toying with the idea of a bump shoot for the last few weeks. I loved the ones I got from when I was 23 Weeks and really wanted some more like this but with the man and the boys involved. So that day I booked one for the next day.

We’re really not huge fan of photos, especially me and the husband. Ok so I’ll happily flash the bump off but when it comes to ones including our faces, we tend to run in the opposite direction. Thursday saw us running around like headless chickens wondering what we should all wear for it. We’re saving the whole new outfits for photo shoot for when we’re actually a completed family and wanting family photos. I did think maybe shirts for the kids which I put them in but wasn’t keen so we took a bag full of lots of different bits. We’re a casual family, so we aimed for this look. I may of put the boys in superhero themed tops. Oli thought it brilliant, he absolutely loves posing for the camera and we got lots of photos of him and Dylan both together and by themselves which will be nice to add to their scrapbooks. Trying to get Dylan to stay still when it came to photos of all them with my bump was mission impossible, though he did think it was hilarious when I got my bump out and blew raspberries on it. Something we’re hoping was caught on camera.

Friday saw illness, we had a poorly toddler but then we seem to of had a cold in the air for the last few days. Me & the man would find ourselves often waking up with sore throats and runny noses. Only difference between us was that he could take full advantage of all the cold drugs whilst it was good old paracetamol and fluids for this pregnant one. I came down with tummy aches which made me feel rather edgy as with both the boys, the day before labour came about , I had tummy aches.

Come the weekend I was happy to report those tummy aches didn’t mean baby, despite the husbands dream at 35 weeks that baby would come suddenly on the 22nd February at 6am. He came home day explaining how he had expected a call at 6 from me to say I was in labour. No such luck darling. Lets just be thankful you didn’t take this prediction to the bookies.

Safe to say I’ve got BIGGER, standing on the scales certainly confirmed this. Here’s hoping the next growth scan will confirm this. See the changed in my bump makes me want to go chuck it under my consultants nose and shout ‘LOOK she just needed the last few weeks to put on that weight!’


Baby brain was again out in full force. This time kinda supplying us with the cherry on the icing – we went out for a dog walk and we forgot to take the dog with us. I couldn’t decided if I was more horrified or amused by this. Though I guess on the positive side, at least it was the dog we forgot and not one of the children.

Healthy eating has been going well, maybe that’s where the watermelon craving popped up from. Though on the one day I thought I was going to bag a hat trick with breakfast, lunch and tea being healthy.  I cracked and fluttered my eyelashes at the man who went on a chippy run. I’m rather fussy with chips and it’s something I tend to go off in every pregnancy, well aside from the first where I just couldn’t stomach mash potato. But nothing can beat a plate of chippy chips covered completely in curry sauce. Oh just writing and thinking about it right now has me wanting a chippy lunch!

On the whole getting ready side of things we’ve been double checking towels and outfits all ok in airing cupboard. Finding out the digital camera and making sure that was charged up. I had noted here to make sure I find out a memory card for it but that was done yesterday and I now have one camera at the ready. The tens machine is at ready, pads and batteries all there waiting. I thinking that I’m needing to put together my own supplies box for birth, I know we have our homebirth box with all the equipment in but I really should find something to put ‘my’ stuff in. At the moment, camera and tens are sat on the mantelpiece so at least they’re to hand. I do have some calm stars floating around somewhere which I must find out.

Walking is becoming slightly more difficult as I think she’s dropped down more. I actually felt like I had a watermelon in between my legs whilst doing the school run on Monday. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat the watermelon whole in some craving madness. But it did feel like there was something of that size floating around down there.

I felt my first Braxton Hick at 35 Weeks, over the last few days they’ve come about again. Yesterday was CRAZY. I woke up at 6am and for the next few hours all I was experiencing was Braxton Hicks. Hubs came rushing home with shower curtains in hand. He thought we hadn’t got them yet but as I pointed out I had a pretty butterfly one which was the spare. They’ve been put aside just in case extra are needed. I’ve already blogged about yesterday in ‘false labour?‘ Here’s hoping they vanish again for a couple of weeks, dont think I can take day after day of them.