33 Weeks

33 weeks pregnant was the week where we saw no heat or hot water at the start. Yeah, fun stuff right. Thankfully it only lasted a few days, but in those days we were found hibernating on the sofa under layer upon layer of either clothes of blankets. Or slanket. Or even the dog. I wasn’t sure who I was looking forward to seeing more that day, the boiler man or the online food shop delivery.

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I had a sudden urge and needed to get our daughter some cardigans to add to her forever growing wardrobe. We had both agreed and made a pact that we wouldn’t buy her any more clothes until she was born, yeah that’s been thrown out the window. But a girl does need some cardigans, doesn’t she? Think we’ve been so used to summer babies that we’ve not given much thought to what the weather might be like come March.

Broodiness kicked in this week especially for the husband ‘we’re going to end up having a baby every couple of years aren’t we’ were some of the words he came out with. We already know, and our hearts say that three will indeed by our magic number but knowing this is the last time we do pregnancy and experience the newborn stage again has been a weird thought for us to get our heads around.

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-01-31_19.17.14Sudden craving one evening came about for a McDonald’s burger, but not just any burger but a 99p one from the pound savers menu. Talk about being specific! Following on from that unhealthy craving was the wanting for a kebab covered totally in garlic mayo, not had one of those since the day before a horrendous wave of morning sickness. Think it remembered that which soon made that craving vanish. We did, however, revisit one thing which made me smile; I just had to eat chocolate and chilli together. Failing having the mean version of that I made up for it with a bag of chilli Doritos and some chocolate pop tarts. This was similar to what I have just the week before we found out I was pregnant when I needed to have those doritoes dunked in a bowl of melted chocolate.

Movements have been on the ouch side as she gets even bigger and discovers that limbs make great poking devices whenever she likes/dislikes a sound. I swear she may be the youngest person to be arrested for GBH the way she’s going.

Size wise I’m apparently the size of a pineapple though this fruit can vary to what website you read. Though apparently at 33 weeks of pregnancy the baby’s brain and nervous system are developed. This time I’ve not read week by weeks, I think I’ve enjoyed hunting out other bloggers week to weeks and seeing what went on with them during that particular week.

The tiredness has hit this week, comes around now and again throughout the weeks but the timing this week has been typically when Daddy is at work. So there’s no way I can snooze when I have a non-napping Toddler on my hands. Have found that resting helps pick me up, but I seem to be getting more restless at times, my body wants me to rest, but my mind wants me to be doing housework and joining in with the toddler play.

Toilet usage seems to of increased at night times, why can’t it be during the day? Swear she waits for me to fall asleep and then BANG, she sets it off like a car alarm which won’t stop being noisy until I get up and go. That night where we hadn’t had the heating on all day was torture for my feeties on my bathroom floor.

I’ve been having wondering thoughts over the gender of the baby and if it’s a he. Because of this, I’ve not been able to part with all the baby boys clothes that I had sorted through and have said are unsuitable for baby girl. Babybond were so sure they said it was 99% that she is a girl and this I know you can clearly see from the scan images. But there’s always that chance that it was wrong and he was hiding his manhood all this time. I don’t know; I think part of me is holding on because most of the clothes were also from his brother, so they’ve been around for a while and dressed two of our children. Maybe it’s that sentiment which is why I’m struggling to let go of them.