31 Weeks

31 WeeksLike at 30 Weeks my hips and back were continuing to give me grief, I booked a doctors appointment so I could see how I would go about getting some help for it. I refuse to at this point use the term SPD, and I know there are many pregnant women out there worse off than me when it comes to this pain, I dont need crutches, and I can move. Even if moving is an ache and I would much rather spend my days glued to the sofa and not moving. I was given the number for physiotherapy at the local hospital.

Spent this week giving more of a thought to the clothes our daughter will be wearing now and as she gets older, this was prompted by the hideous ‘flirt’ bodysuit Gap had on sale aimed at newborns onwards. This had me thinking towards the future and how I’m going to protect her from such clothes, why can I only see it getting worse? Pretty sure I was in fluffy jumpers and roll necks up until my teens.

31 WeeksCraving wise it’s been all about the Birthday cake this week and my birthday cake that’s exactly what I mean. I want a cake that has the perfect sponge with cream and strawberry filling. I want it covered in some yummy icing, and I will happily have it topped off by some cheesy picture, I’ll take One Direction faces if it’s going. Despite it being such a crazy craving, I cant bring myself to spend several pounds on a cake for myself. I may have to get the baking apron on. One craving which was fulfilled was creme eggs which were one craving back from October, yeah it’s only taken until now when they’re back on the supermarket shelves for the man to hunt some down for me. He bought them home one night along with some double chocolate hot cross buns, full of some much win right there. Safe to say they were gone by the next day (not even going to apologise) but somehow some more magically appeared that evening.

31 weeks peanut butterNo wonder come the next day I was screaming out for something healthy and was googling what I probably should actually be eating in pregnancy. I remember reading something about peanut butter so come one evening where I wanted to reach for the treat cupboard; I reached for the cupboard with the crunchy peanut butter instead. Though when it came to reaching for a spreading knife, I also grabbed the star cutter. This was one of those random urges that I just couldn’t explain. The result was a plate of star-shaped crunchy peanut butter slices. Yeah, I blame pregnancy.


31 weeks lollipop lane


We got our pink Lollipop Lane Moses basket out and had a good look at it this week, last week we saw Oli cooing over it but this week saw us showing Dylan that this is where his sister would sleep. It was a beautiful moment as we watched him put his teddy to sleep in, of course, it was then ripped back out and was repeatably put back down to sleep. Hopefully, this won’t be his plan of action when his sister comes along as we’re hoping to keep the Moses set up downstairs for her naptimes.



Bump PR know that we co-slept last time with Dylan and got in contact with us to see if we would like to review the SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib from The Little Green Sheep. This made both me and the husband squeal in excitement; we’ve been talking about if we should invest in a side sleeping crib but the fact it’s our last baby had us questioning if we should or not. I bet once we start using it, there would have been regrets for not getting one. The more I look at it, the more I think how it will be even more of a¬†comfort as I won’t have to get out of bed to reach over those sides that the Moses basket has, to grab baby to feed her. She’ll be right there next to us, ready for me to feed. Yay!


growth chartVisited the midwife the day before we hit 32 weeks, though it probably a good idea seeing as I hadn’t booked in a visit since 22 weeks which I think she wanted to slap my hand for. Should have probably booked in for some bloods at 28 weeks, we had however seen the GP at 25 weeks for our doctor checkup so knew all was well. Think this time we’ve enjoyed not having to see someone every week and let the pregnancy just progress as it has been. They’ll know if I think something is up like at 24 weeks where I ended up calling 999 because I was so short of breath. All was well, had my bloods done, heard the baby and got measured. Of course like all my pregnancies could have been on the bigger side and was just plotted on the line. Our midwife knows that we give birth to healthy 7lb babies, after all, she delivered our last one for us.

She confirmed¬†with us our growth scan at 34 weeks so we’ll all then where baby is on that line according to that. We chatted about the homebirth, I say we but I mean her and the man reminisced over the last one and we’ve planned for our next Midwife visit to be at 36 weeks where she’ll come to our house for us to sign those forms and for us to get our homebirthing kit. Major excitement upon hearing that.

Topping off 31 Weeks is the fact we’ve finally decided on a name and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I’ve been saying I would sit down and think about it in the New Year, and it took just a couple of baby naming websites for my eyes to flick upon one name which was just simply perfect for our daughter. We’ve always said we’re not a fan of shortening down names but somehow this was the case for our first, Oliver obviously became Oli. Of course, ‘Oliver’ often come out to play on those naughty days. So it looks like actually, we are a fan of doing this seeing as our daughter has a name planned but we’ve already taken to calling her the shortened down version.