29 Weeks

The day I hit 29 weeks was Christmas day, I got to bed late because I was so flustered trying to get everything ready and perfect and even though it all was I was still fussing. The man had to drag me screaming and kicking to bed practically. The day was brilliant and was the perfect family Christmas. It was also our last Christmas as a family of 4 which was a strange but fantastic thought, our little girl will be joining us for the next one, and we’ll start the first of many years as a family of 5 celebrating Christmas together. Just writing that down has me buzzing with excitement.

The only downer to the day was how I managed to chip my tooth, somehow during the dinner which had nothing hard on the plate whatsoever. I just took a mouthful and then suddenly my back tooth felt strange, and of course in that mouthful was half my tooth. Great timing, huh! I was only at the dentist back at 27 weeks as well. Thankfully a couple of days later I was at the dentist for an emergency appointment getting a temporary filling fitted until my appointment next week.

I cancelled my whopping cough jab which was meant to also be on this Friday, yeah it was all happening on the day after Boxing Day. I thought I might be in pain from anything which was going to be done at the dentist and couldn’t bare the thought of being jabbed on top of it plus I thought the appointments would clash. It turned out I could have probably made the jab and would have been ok with it. So must remember to rebook that jab back in. Must also remember to book a midwife check up soon. I’m pretty sure I’m meant to be seeing them at the start of 30 weeks somewhere. That and I’m SO excited about kicking off talks and plan about our homebirth.



Started to eat lots again, but then I can blame Christmas & New Year right? You usually eat enough to feed 2/10 when you’re not pregnant and pregnant and craving everything under the sun and with so much temptation around you, it just cannot be helped. I like to think the constant tins of plum tomatoes I add to my fry up is part of my five a day.

My cramp is becoming a nightmare; I just cannot win with my pregnancy pillow. If I use it, then my cramp is bad but then if I don’t use it my hips are bad. So I just can’t win either way. Think the hips can go because that cramping pain is just crazy, just with the hips I can’t walk. Which is a downside when nesting has come along. Yeah, NESTING HAS HIT bigTIME. My house has never been as thankful for this blessing as it has this week, I am dusting corners I never knew existed. My kitchen gets  good clean, and I’ve found myself enjoying cleaning up after the kids.


29 Weeks Pregnant

Size wise, bump getting bigger of course and I’m finding it hilarious that people comment on how small I am yet this is my biggest bump yet. Because she’s lower down than what I’ve been used to with the boys and the fact she’s getting bigger, my normal clothes are a no-go whereas I’ve always managed to stick with them before. My legs are getting bigger; again I laugh as I know they need to do so to take the extra weight. Remind me I find it funny when I’m torturing myself with night after night of running like a loon when she finally arrives, and I dust off the trainers again.

Movements are getting crazier, and I love every minute of it, no matter how much it takes my breath away when she suddenly jabs out. It’s funny to see my tummy at such weird angles with limbs sticking out. I could quite happily watch her all day.


29 Weeks