28 Weeks

It seems 28 weeks is where my hormones want to start coming out to play! I’m finding myself emotional, easily irritated and generally just hormonal. I find them rather funny when I think about bad they were last time; I love playing the stereotypical hormonal pregnant woman and having this aspect of pregnancy. Me and the husband like to compare how different I am when I’m pregnant to when I’m not, it makes us laugh. And I need to laugh. Otherwise, I’ll just cry more.

Comfort has become my word of the week, and I even found that during one of these ‘comfort’ days that I decided to go braless, I woke up and last minute decided to join the hubs on the school run and couldn’t be bothered to change out of my PJ top. Oh, the comfort! Have found the maternity bras I’ve used in previous pregnancies have started to get rather on the tight side. So much for trying to ride the rest of the pregnancy out without forking out for any maternity bits and bobs. Will hunt out my post maternity bras which I bought for breastfeeding, I know I’ll probably have some floating around.

I hit a low where I NEEDED chocolate brownie; it wasn’t just a want, it was a desperate NEED. It was late evening, and I couldn’t believe I was even contemplating baking. But I had this overwhelming urge to make and eat chocolate brownie. Sadly I didn’t have any chocolate in but remembered that week wrapping up a big bag of chocolate buttons for Dylan’s stocking. Yes, I did, I unwrapped them to use! But only because we were doing our big Christmas food shop the next morning, so I knew I could replace them without offending anyone. I mean, feeling guilty come Christmas morning when I remember my evil act to gain some chocolate brownie in my life. Though the kids weren’t complaining when they were tucking into a slice the next day!

Aside from that the eating seems to of slowed down, I seem to be eating for one again. Well, when you compare it to what I was like at 26 weeks with the eating. My love of mince pies this year has been immense, and I’ve been going through the boxes at an incredible speed. I like to think they class as part of my five a day. I also may be enjoying the brandy/port flavours packed into them.

I’ve only taken one bump shot this week which was the one below; I was declaring my love for my maternity leggings and how I’m going to keep them for next Christmas for essential Turkey smuggling and for the waistline that will expand due to eating way too much.


28 Weeks