26 Weeks

Yay, so I finally start a week without any illness and one where I have a healthy household. It seems me & Buffy have celebrated this by eating both our body weight ten times over. It seems my eating seems to be on a dangerously not being able to stop to the point of sickness occurring, was funny at first but now it’s got me worried about that double chin of mine and how my waistline might look after pregnancy. Looking back on newborn photos, it seems like the weight does always go on my face. I’m wondering if it’s because of my crazy food take in the last ten weeks of pregnancy. It’s not like I’m eating unhealthy, well I am, but I’m just eating rubbish on top of the healthy stuff.

The day before I hit 27 weeks was the worse, I managed to rack up a curry, quiche, yule log, cheese biscuits, a pack of chocolate orange aero balls and a few mince pies in the space of an hour. I think the husband was impressed at first until I really couldn’t stop myself from eating and I went to bed wishing I would consume maybe another mince pie or slice of quiche. Of course, he was no longer impressed when I was rolling around the bed complaining that I felt sick. My fault of course, though I’m totally shifting half the blame on to Buffy.

Sickness wise, I’m still feeling the effects of that morning sickness. The mornings are by far the worst time of the day for me and me despite that feeling I have when I wake up. It doesn’t help getting up any easier, and I’m thankful for the mornings where the husband is home, and I came take my time to get out of bed and get ready for the day.

Thanks to this never ending skill of eating and with the weeks flying by, the bump is getting bigger. I know, I know I say it every week, but somehow it still amazes me. I’ve thought that this week I’m probably looking as big as I was with Dylan at 40 weeks. We are thinking she’s going to be our biggest baby yet and wondering if she’ll be creeping into the 8lb mark. My bedtime clothes, the regular ones which I’ve got away with wearing during pregnancy no longer fit. I think this is because she’s lower down then what her brothers ever were. Found wearing hubs t-shirts to be my solution but not very practical in this cold weather.

Hormones have been loopy, found myself getting so emotional and the day of Oli’s school play I found myself spending it crying all day long. I think watching him, opened the floodgates and came evening I was found stood in the middle of the supermarket crying for no reason whatsoever. I don’t know if nesting had kicked in, but there was a day at the weekend where I was freaking about the layout of our living room and dining room. I eventually calmed down once hubs had rearranged the sofa so we could put the Christmas tree up and a trip to Ikea in the new year has been promised.

Stretch marks are creeping up, though have found that Champneys stretch mark oil to be fantastic and on days I remember I have been plastering it on in the hope to reduce any potential ones. Though I’m not bothered at all by my stretch marks and any she gives me can join the ones I proudly display from the boys. I’ll tell anyone who listens how my hip ones came from Oli and the ones around my tummy button came from Dylan. Who needs tattoos to remember your children when you can have these as reminders instead. I love the fact that Hollie from Tiny Feet Photography hasn’t edited them out in this photo.

23 week bump

Thoughts about sleeping arrangements, prams and names have started to creep up, but I’m trying to keep all this until after Christmas when we can put our minds to it. All I can think about now is getting the Christmas shopping finished, so I’m not found doing it all last minute and having hormonal meltdowns. I am thankful for the luxury of online shopping, and this has pretty much how I’ve done all this year’s shopping. Guess 26 weeks has been more newsworthy than what 25 weeks were, bring on week 27.