Paid To Breastfeed? Don’t Patronise Me!

You would think as a mother who has both Breastfed and plans to Breastfeed again in just 4 months time, I would be happy with the fact I’ll get rewarded with some shopping vouchers.


I don’t want to be patted on the head and rewarded like a naughty child who’s got a weeks worth of good stickers on her behaviour chart.

What I do want to see is MORE support for Breastfeeding woman who is planning, thinking about, needing educated or just simply needing help. How will vouchers see this through?

I would rather see those shopping vouchers given to that Breastfeeding volunteer who in my first few days of having a newborn and trying to Breastfeed, was the most valuable person to have in my life at that moment in time. She helped me gain those skills which enabled me to feed my child, words cannot express how thankful I am to her for giving up her own time to do such a thing. Maybe shopping vouchers could? Or maybe she could be paid for her time or more paid Breastfeeding support roles could be opened up within the NHS with this apparent budget which has suddenly become available.

How will this be scheme be monitored exactly?! It states that Midwives & Health Visitors will be asked to verify whether or not women are Breastfeeding. Sorry, has the recent news about Midwives already being stretched not been noticed? I stopped seeing both these people after the first couple of weeks, I assume then there time was taken with other new mums who needed them for those first couple of weeks and rightly so. Placing them in a mother’s life for the first several months to check up on them like schoolchildren who should of done there homework, will take time and again money. I assume more Health Visitors and Midwives will be bought in to make this such a possibility?

I agree that this could potentially encourage women to Breastfeed who have never thought about it or never wish to try it. For that I applaud there way of thinking, though it’s starting to border on the lines of taking that choice away from women. I like to think they’re listening to our needs and wants but they’ve gone down the wrong route of doing so. In a way this seems to be a form of blackmailing, that just doesn’t sit comfortably with me.


My dream world would be one where Breastfeeding was something every woman did and every person supported and didn’t even bat a eyelid to mothers doing it in public and that such schemes as ‘Breast is Best’ didn’t need to be around because this was already self tuned to the human brain. But then I’m a believer in woman’s choice, you cannot take it away from her. You cant penalise her for her choices. We are all mother’s trying and wanting to do best by our child to suit our needs, lifestyles and parenting choices. No one will ever know what works for a mother and child, only those two people will ever know how that works.

I bottlefed my first because that Breastfeeding support I needed which could of potentially got me Breastfeeding wasn’t there. I didn’t know my child of survived on that colostrum for those first couple of days, I was handed a bottle of formula right there in the hospital when I was struggling to get my child to latch on just hours after birth. I wanted to Breastfeed so badly, I really did but help wasn’t on hand like I was lucky to receive the second time around. If there was a paid Breastfeeding support worker in the hospital at that time maybe I could of breastfed my child like I wished to of done so.

So why not help those who wish to be helped? Why not put time and money into helping those who wish to Breastfeed then those who have already made that choice not to?

To me Breastfeeding is part of being a mother, it’s my choice. I don’t want to be rewarded for doing something so natural. You start commercialising it in such a way then this natural aspect of it is going to get overlooked. Aim this money down that road, not one which is just contributing to benefit Britain.