Mama Designs Turns 5!

I would love for you to join me in wishing Mama Designs a Happy Birthday! For they turn 5 years old this year!

Now if you’re not heard of Mama Designs, they’re a company which makes innovative products for babies which make parent’s lives easier. The company is run by Keira, mother of 2 who’s children helped inspire her to make these products. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Keira over the last few years by actually seeing her selling her fantastic products at The Baby Show. Though not like I could ever get the chance to grab her for long enough, her stand was always one of the most popular ones around that show.

Breastfeeding ScarfThe first product Keira came up with was the Mamascarf, something she thought of when Breastfeeding her boy in public and found that nothing would give her effective privacy. I think most people will nod in agreement as think about the muslins and blankets they draped across baby to give some privacy. At the same time as being someone who very much thinks Breastfeeding is something that should be done loud and proud in public, there’s nothing better then having that ability to cover up as you get to grips with this new way of feeding and for those times when baby likes to leave you exposed to the world happily. For me, these were the reasons my cover were my best friend in those first few months.

Sleeping Bag for BabiesHer next genius idea was the Babasac, a babies sleeping bag. An idea she came up with when having to buy a new sleeping bag because she needed a lighter one for a holiday. She thought it would be ideal to have one who had different layers which zipped in and out and would save you having to spend extra on many different sleeping bags in different togs.

And just when you think she couldn’t come up with any more genius ideas, along comes the Dribble BibSnood which is basically a dribble bib but these are ones who will pretend the neck from getting soaked. I actually these a brilliant idea because the amount of time I would find milk had leaked down onto Oli’s neck when I was bottle feeding was unbelievable, and because of the creases in the neck, I would only find it come bath time. We own a Snood for own dribbling Dylan, though now he’s not much of a dribbler it’s been happily put aside for his sister to use when she comes along.


Mama Designs have sent us a party bag so that we can host our very own party today to help celebrate them turning 5! I have promised the 4-year old that I will hold off on the cake, balloons & party streamers until he’s home from school so that he can join in the celebrations. So as soon as I’ve published this post, I’ll be off to hang some bunting out and get busy in the kitchen. Keep an eye on my Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to see us joining in with the #MamaDesignsis5 fun.

There’s a fab competition going on over on the Mama Designs Facebook page. Mama Designs have the prize of all their products lined up as well as stuff from Pink Lining, Snooze Shade, Bundle Bean, Hamster Bags, Kiddicare, Safe Dreams. You can enter that competition right here.

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