Only Inviting Some Of The Class? Forget It

So apparently a school in Bath has banned children from handing out party invitations unless the whole class is invited, saying that leaving some pupils out was ‘divisive and unkind’. Like hello? Is that headteacher even a parent have they even an incline to what parties involve. Now I have a child in school; I do feel like I can have a say when it comes to school issues like this. To me, this one imposed rule at this school is a load of codswallop, and I know I would purposely break it by standing at the school gate with my child, handing out our invites to the chosen children right there. Think ‘parent handing burgers through school fences’ style.

As you can guess I’m against this and think it’s a ridiculous idea. I know the school is a prep school with a Christian ethos to it, this still doesn’t change how I feel about it. I’m a Christian and aside from my religion I believe good manners and making everyone feel happy is important, but then I guess I’m someone with a heart/kind nature so of course, I feel that way. I see what they are doing, but I just don’t think it’s logical. Not all kids are going to get on with each other; it’s a fact/way of life. So they may ‘get on’ regarding being polite to one another, but it doesn’t mean that they’re all instantly best friends. I’ve always remembered just having a handful of close friends going through school.

Have you ever invited your kids WHOLE class to a birthday party? It’s not something I would even think about being a possibility even if I wanted to pay for each child. When asking your child who they want to invite to a party, have they ever said to you ‘I want to invite the whole class’? We think that for the 5th Birthday, he would probably enjoy a small gathering at bowling or the swimming pool. There is no way I would be taking 30 odd kids to a bowling alley because I had to invite the whole class because I wasn’t allowed to hand out invites otherwise.

Many who are actually for the idea are thinking it’s good because then no kid will feel left out, and how would I feel if my child had got left out when the party invites were being handed out. I think it would be a good way of teaching my child that they get everything in life, I would point out that yes they didn’t get invited to Mary Jane’s party, but then he may get invited to Jimmy’s party because they spend more time together in the playground.


Why let it be a bad experience for them, why not use it as a life experience instead?