18 Weeks


So I’ve not really had the chance to do it week by week or talk about it in stages like I imagined I could of when blogging about the next pregnancy. It’s kinda gone down the same route as the previous pregnancy with busts of posts about trips to A&E, consultant appointments, running woes, bleeding, fatigue.. That fatigue being something which has thankfully not been around this week, I dont know if it’s because I’m back on the sickness meds or if 18 weeks was the week that the tiredness decided to subsided. Maybe it could be another chance at trying to come off the meds to see the sickness has also gone but then I guess a few more weeks wont hurt.

I’ve been thinking about the fact we took the dive and decided to become pregnant again, as I read back through my old blog posts I talk about how I was so very afraid of becoming pregnant again but how I knew we would add to our family one day. Reading this one ‘thinking about that third baby‘ makes me laugh as I talked about how we would probably leave it 3 years again as the ultimate age gap as it worked so well for us before. Of course we didn’t, we’re gone for a 2 year age gap. And it’s amazing what a difference that year will make, where as before we had a child out of his pram and out of nappies we’re going to have a child still needed a pram and very much still in nappies. I’m excited about it though, experiencing the whole ‘2 under 2’.

Just a week ago the man felt the baby kick for the first time, this was a magical moment for us both. Her timing was brilliant, was during the England football match and right before they had a own goal scored for them. That morning I felt her kick myself from the outside so knew when I felt her kicking that evening that placing Daddy’s hand on bump, he too would feel it. She’s since gone on to make this a habit in the evenings, I guess it’s the one time where I’m relaxed and able to notice her movements more.

Health wise all has been well, unless you count that rather awful evening where I got to experience heartburn for the first time. Like ouch, not an experience I was to go through again so am praying that it was a one off and it wont come back. Here’s hoping anyway!