The New Sonny Angel Flower Series


Sonny Angel VintageSo the kids have the stuff they collect right? Pokemon figures, cars and the never ending collections of Lego sets which my feet often fall victim too. Well, I have my own kind of collection, and they just happen to be small dolls. Dolls called Sonny Angel’s. They are a Japanese collectable brand which arrived in the UK last year and I know I’m not the only UK fan going crazy for them. My collection has slowly been growing over time; I think it’s the excitement of the blind packets which makes collecting them so much fun.

Hydrangea Sonny Angel Flower SeriesThe Flower series are the newest collection to join them, and we had the chance to receive one of which we were to open at the same time as 11 other Sonny Angel obsessed bloggers over on Twitter. The torture being was that we received them and had to wait five days to open them, I consider this cruelty towards a Sonny Angel fan. The excitement and waiting were totally worth it; I opened mine to discover I had received the Hydrangea and how I adore him. He’ll make a colourful addition to rest of my Sonny Angel’s.


You can buy your very own Sonny Angel from the guys at Kind Toys.