The Cosatto Supa Pushchair – Cuddle Monster

We’ve been trying out the Cosatto Supa Pushchair over the last few months so that we could give some honest feedback and review on what we thought about it right here on the blog. Since it arrived in June we’ve gone on to take it pretty much everywhere, including days out to local attractions, car boot sales and even just for that 5-minute walk to the shops. We’ve well and truly put it through its paces and tested its many features to the MAX.

As I showed in that teaser post, the Supa was incredibly easy to put together. It was simply a case of unfolding the chassis, attaching the hood (huge and perfect for those sunny days), footmuff and cupholder. Then for us, for our needs, we removed the newborn insert as we weren’t using it with a newborn (though major brownie points that it can be used from newborn) and adjusting the straps, so they were in the right position and right length for Dylan. Because the weather was worth of a footmuff, we popped that out for the time being.

Cosatto Laid Flat

I’ll start from the beginning as if we had a newborn; the stroller has a four position recline which means when using it with a newborn you can pop it into the lie-flat mode. Add on that newborn insert and footmuff, and you’ll have the perfect snuggle supa set up for your baby. Meaning this truly is a pushchair you can use from day 1 to the day it’s time to say goodbye and hang up those pram wheels. Well until the next ones comes along and you bring it out of storage to use again, or unless you’re like me and become tempted by the latest Cosatto prams and upgrade. As they get older the pushchair grows with them; there’s an adjustable calf support which you can adjust so that legs can sit in comfort before they reach the footbar to rest their little feeties on.

Cosatto Accessories

First thoughts upon pushing it? The supa glides like a dream. It’s not as heavy to push as I’ve experienced with a similar stroller from a different brand with my first child.  Turning corner an issue? Nope, it wasn’t even a problem for the 4-year-old who wanted to push his brother and gave him the off road experience.

The handles are at a great height for me; I don’t find myself having to lean over or strain my back to push. For the man who’s slightly on the taller side, it had a nifty super feature in the form of two buttons on the adjustable handles which you just click to extend the handle. This majorly impressed him and instantly sold the pram to him. He’s also a fan of the lockable front swivel wheels which come handy when you want to push the pram back & forth in an attempt to get your little cuddle monster asleep.

Cosatto 1

Travelling with it is uncomplicated, it’s an easy umbrella fold with an auto lock which makes putting it down to pop into the boot a breeze. It’s lightweight meaning I don’t have to struggle with it, and it has a handle giving me easy of access to lift it up. Cosatto thought of everything when it came to being out & about with it; there’s this hidden free standing feature which you don’t notice until you fold it up and stand it up. It gives you a free standing pram meaning you’re not running off down the car park as you’ve accidentally left the break-off while you popped your shopping in the boot.

Cosatto Freestanding

The spacious storage basket means I have room to chuck my shopping for hands-free carrying or somewhere to put the various toys and books we end going out with but get bored of 10 minutes later. It is, of course, a good place to store your rain cover for in times of emergencies and you get caught in a downpour. We’ve also found the cup holder to be a good use, whether it’s the 4-year-old using it for his drink as he walks alongside next it, the one-year-old storing his there or me using it to pop my chocolate creme frappe into – it’s a great feature. I’ve always said every pram should have a cup holder or the ability to have one, so of course, it pleases me muchly that our supa pushchair has one which can be moved to either side or removed completely.

Cosatto Cupholder

Cleaning it hasn’t been an issue for us when it’s raining on goes the free rain cover and when it’s dirty, off pops the footmuff/liner to be chucked in the wash at 30c. The fabric itself is an easily wipeable one, I’ve found a simple baby wipe has got off any marks given to its body.

Most of us these days are into our gadgets right? And that includes the kids; I think mine have more apps on both my phone and iPad than what I do. Well, the Supa is SO totally in with the gadget and gizmos that it’s got some hidden extra features especially for us gadget lovers and our offspring. In the hood is a hidden multimedia gadget pocket with speaker. Like how cool is that? So instead of me sitting holding the iPad giving myself wrist ache while on the train, I can instead pop our iPad into the multimedia gadget pocket and pop it onto the speaker. Therefore I can have hands free to drink a coffee and read a book while he’s entertained for the journey. Some would call it lazy parenting; I call it having a well earned time out.

 Cosatto Ipad Holder


You know that footmuff I mentioned? Well, it’s more than just your average cosy toes. This one is reversible giving you a different pattern on a different day if that’s what your mood calls for. And wait there’s more! It has a kangaroo pouch meaning that the child can put his/hands into this to keep warm. It took us a while to teach our little one this, but he soon got to grips with it, especially when it meant he didn’t have to wear gloves.  When you unzip the front of the footmuff, that fleece liner turns around giving you just a regular strap forward liner for your pram to use on those warmer days. I found this a handy solution to those certain messy moments where I could just chuck it in the washing machine, leaving my Supa chassis all shiny and clean. Plus it’s a free footmuff meaning no having to buy it as an extra on top of buying the stroller. They do have everything you need in that box for you.

Cosatto Footmuff

And our overall thoughts to this pushchair? We fans, we like all its features and how it’s kitted out to suit you from newborn onwards to being able to use it in all the seasons. The multimedia pocket is handy for us as a family who travels lots especially on trains, I know this isn’t for some, but it doesn’t have to be used for a multimedia device especially if they are at a young age. Why not pop in a black/white book which is a fantastic visual resource for babies. The only thing which doesn’t hit the spot for us is the positions, I like them all, but for our little one, it doesn’t seem to go forward enough for him. He’ll often try and pull forwards to sit, and this means we have to adjust the straps to allow him to do this. I don’t know if this is because the pushchair he used beforehand was more upright and is something he’s grown use to over time.