Running Whilst Pregnant

So at 14 weeks pregnant, I went and did something potentially stupid. After weeks and weeks of not really doing much and especially not doing much in the form of exercise, I went and put on my running shoes and went out for a run. I blame the fact one of my running songs came on the radio and gave me the itchiness to go for one right there and then. I suffered for it though and only five days on was my body starting to feel less achy and in pain. Every muscle ached despite warming up and warming down right. I felt like I had truly gone through 10 rounds a day with Mike Tyson.

Now I know from previous research that running can be perfectly safe and many women continue to do this exercise/hobby while pregnant. For me, it wasn’t probably that safe and was silly of me knowing that it’s been over 14 weeks since my last run and that chucking myself into it like that wasn’t my most of wisest ideas. I have SVT, and we’re not quite sure of the triggers, and I’ve been told to take it easy. It was a crazy moment which overtook this need to go out for a sudden run, and I think I should have listened to the Husband’s face which said it all as he watched me dig out my running gear to stretch over my bump.

I’ve decided to give running a back bench for the meantime until I chat to my midwife about it. I know if I want to run over the next few weeks that slowly and gently may probably be the best idea but I’m out there I just can’t help it, and maybe it’s not wise to handle that temptation in front of myself. I already know what the midwife will suggest and that I should probably try swimming or something, and I will do.

But did I enjoy it? Gosh yeah, as a regular runner when I’m not pregnant who does it for the enjoyment more than exercise it was like a burst of freedom had just been passed over to me. That whole ‘wind in your hair’ it is breathtaking as they say it is. I only planned on doing a short run and taking a gentle jog around the block, but I just couldn’t help myself as I picked up the pace and increased my route of around the block to a little further on. It was only when I got to the point of running past McDonald’s that I started to feel sick so that it could have been the smells, but I also think at that point I had pushed myself way too much. I had got carried away and forgot I was pregnant. The run was made complete though by seeing a rainbow as I approached my front door, It may not have been a good idea, that experience and that rainbow were worth it.