Every home should have a rug

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There’s just something about a good rug that screams ‘there’s nothing like home’ to me. It’s seeing something which can provide comfort for the whole family that provides me with that warm homely feeling. Upon seeing mine, I know I can sit comfortably on the sofa with feet resting on it.

Let me explain in case that’s not what you feel when you come across a rug. For us our rug is somewhere we can sit with the children to play with their toys, it’s somewhere we can lie other then the sofa because it provides so much comfort, it’s the perfect spot for the dog and so much more. Our latest use or should I say the children’s, is to use it as a game prop. Sitting on the rug is the safe place whilst the carpet is the sea, oh the imagination of kids.

I like to think I can guess the science behind the rugs that different people choose when I visit their house. You have the bright colourful ones and ones with various patterns, this to me says something about the character of a person. Like I tend to go for colouful ones because I just like the brightness they add to the living room. There’s the ones you see which either match the colour of the carpet or a piece of main furniture like the sofa, this says to me that the rug owner likes matching colours and that you’ll most likely find the bathroom will follow suit with matching sets.

Maybe I just have a slight obsession with rugs, I do feel like I’ve gone down both roads with what I just mentioned. Our last rug was a blue one which matched our sofa where as our latest one is one full of lots of different colours, simply because I felt like adding some colour to the living room and I have to admit it somehow reflects my personality somewhat.


Do you have a rug? What’s yours like?