The Stokke MyCarrier


We got sent a Stokke MyCarrier to review just over a year ago, in a year we’ve taken it many places and tried out all it’s different positions. After a year we feel we’re more then able to give a honest account of our year with the Stokke MyCarrier. I believe in giving products a lengthy time of use before being able to really give it feedback be it good or bad. Especially with the MyCarrier and it’s ability to grow with you and baby, I wanted to show it being used to it’s maximum capacity. Showing you what a truly fantastic piece of baby equipment it is.

What first draw me to the MyCarrier was that I’m a carrier fan, over a sling I prefer using a carrier. This is my own personal like and choice I guess, I do believe there are products out there to suit everyone and especially the children. In our family, Stokke are a daily part of our lives and if we’re not pushing Dylan around in his Stokke Xplory, then he’s being carried by us in his MyCarrier. They are a essential part of our journeys.

The Stokke MyCarrier came packaged up in a box, it contained everything we needed to use it from day one, there’s no need to buy any separate attachments to use it as the stages progress. For front/back carrying, everything is in the box. You get the main harness with integrated hip belt, front carrier and back carrier which are all secured by double locking carabiners. You also get a aluminum support which goes directly into the main harness.

As you can tell from the below photo we were to eager to get it out and give it a practice run before the baby had arrived.

Stokke MyCarrier 1


Getting to grips with it’s positions and putting it together, I admit was difficult for me and I can see from the photos I took of it’s first use, there was lots I could of done to provide the ultimate support & protection for baby. See I’m more of a visual learner and thankfully Stokke have released some videos on to YouTube with how to prepare for each position. My personal recommendation would be to give these a watch, pause it as each step goes along and maybe even do it whilst looking in the mirror. See here for position 1, front facing inwards, here for position 2, front facing outwards and here for position 3, back carrying.

Our very first use of it started in his very first week, you often hear how people say using a carrier can help out you out around the house when you need to get out with the housework and keep baby content at the same time. Well this is what came out of that for us, I was able to get out with simple house tasks whilst keep baby calm and content close to my chest.

Breastfeeding in Stokke MyCarrier

We squashed the myths about only being able to breastfeed in a sling, when he took advantage of my being in a dress and took to a feed time whilst in his carrier. This was a magical experience for the both of us, having him so close to me feeding whilst having both my hands free. This worked for us, this made me a happy mummy. That above photo is one of my favourite shots of us together, I’m so pleased I can share it with you.

Getting him to sleep in it was no problem, like I said before being close to my heart I think had a major role to play with this. I remember the one time having in his MyCarrier as I sorted out the garage, I didn’t want to leave him alone in the house. 10 Minutes in and he was flat out, taking him out of it and keeping him asleep wasn’t a issue. I was able to easily transfer him into his moses basket.


As you can see from our family snaps, the MyCarrier has played a big part in our lives when it comes to being out & about. To me it has become a baby essential and I’m happy to recommend as so to new parents. Being able to fall back on the convenience of grabbing the Carrier to go has been welcomed by this family. So many times when the baby was first born that we popped it into our Xplory Shopping Bag so if the older child (who had not long said goodbye to his pram years) got tired, we could put him in the Xplory and baby into his Carrier enabling us to get from A to B quicker.

The first time we use it in it’s position 2, front facing outwards was actually when it snowed and I thought it would be a wonderful time to introduce him to the outside world in all it’s whiteness. This was fantastic for a time and place where we couldn’t use our pushchair but still wanted to bring baby out on a adventure with us. I confirm we both had lots of fun staying warm and dry whilst watching his big brother and Daddy sledging down the hills. I also found carrying a baby, a great excuse to not be on the receiving end of any snowballs.

Stokke MyCarrier In The Snow

As Dylan got older and hit the age of 1, we decided that we would try out position 3, the back carrying mode. Another situation which was convenient for us, for where was wanted to go and for him to still explore the world at a height where trees can be reached. I think this has to be my favourite position since that time we first bonded together in it. For me to not have to worry about having a pushchair in my hands, to be able to do as I pleased with both my hands. I was able to hold his brother’s hand and have the general freedom to walk where I wanted.

Thanks to using the video guide, I found positioning it into back carrying mode a breeze and it was more then comfortable for me to spend a good time carrying him on my back. I take great comfort in knowing that we can use this mode now until around the age of 3. Giving us over 3 years of use, not many products you can say that about. And if like us, it can be used for future siblings enabling you to get more for your pennies. Take comfort in knowing that Stokke give you a 3 year warranty with your MyCarrier.

Woman wearing MyCarrier

By showing my husband using it over time, this shows you that the MyCarrier can be used with all types of body shapes and sizes. We simple just adjust the harnesses to go from me using it, to the man using it. It adapts for change, if baby was to become sleepy then we can simple attach the sleep support from the pocket.

Stokke MyCarrier Backcarrying position

Since we got our MyCarrier, Stokke have released Purple to add to it’s collection of colours. Allowing you to choose from Purple, Brown, Dark Navy or Red. Match it up to your Stokke Stroller or mix & match like we did. I love rocking out our red MyCarrier alongside our purple Xplory.

They have also released a Stokke MyCarrier Bib, which is easy to attach and remove from the carrier allowing you to pop it in the washing machine when needs be. They’ve thought of everything and have popped two in a pack, so we’re not without one when one is in the wash. We’ve already invested in one as we plan on using the Stokke MyCarrier much more with the new baby when he/she comes along.

    Stokke MyCarrier Backcarrying