The First Midwife Appointment


So I was going to nap, but thoughts are irritating me, that and I have a wave of sickness which is stopping me. Our first midwife appointment went brilliantly, was lovely to see the midwife that delivered the 1-year-old again and chat. Being with her made everything more of a breeze, and she already knew everything about me including my history with the previous pregnancy. Which I think is one of the reasons I’ve been forwarded onto consultant led care.


I wanted to avoid going down that route, I did. I wanted more than anything to have one of those ‘NORMAL’ pregnancies where I would just see the midwife a handful of times and come 40 weeks. Bam. Baby.

My height and weight were taken, and my BMI was taken which said I’m skinny and underweight, therefore needing consultant led care. I didn’t know being healthy was a cause for concern, anyone that knows me knows that I’m a HUGE food lover. Happily, eat my 3 meals a day with plenty of snacks in between. That and I undertake casual exercise, odd run, swimming with the family and if I can include it, running around like a fruitloop after the children.

The great thing about consultant care (note sarcasm in my voice right now) is that I will need he/she to sign me off for my planned homebirth. I can’t say I’m sweating this fact after the hellish pregnancy I had last time with everything creeping up on me, I was still signed off for it. That and the fact I labour perfectly ok, just the pregnancy which my body can’t cope with. I totally understand that if anything was to happen which makes a homebirth an unsafe option, I totally accept I would have to accept the fate of the hospital.

Growth scans will be something we’ll be seeing lots of again like last time, this time we’re happier to accept them with the fact we’re knowing this beforehand. Every.single.time I had that dreaded tape measure across my bump, I was declared I was too small and shipped off for a scan with where the sonographer who we started to get familiar with told us all was ok, and that baby was a perfectly healthy size. He went on to be born at 7lb 13oz. I just don’t get incredibly huge bumps as my babies like to hide in my back, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case again this time.

The rest of the appointment went as straight forward as you can imagine, got reacquainted with peeing in a pot and had enough blood taken to keep Dracula happy for months. I don’t think I even had to tell her we wanted another homebirth; she already knew that was our plans. I’m seeing her again at the end of this week so she can fill out the rest of my notes. We await our first dating scan appointment in the post; we are excited about actually finding out how many weeks we are. We’ve jumped from the 8 weeks the Doctor gave us the other week to possibly being 10 weeks with a 21st February 2014 due date. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I can give a right number to how many weeks pregnant I am.