So Tired

Oh, the tiredness. It was one of the signs that led me to think I was pregnant. It’s strange, but this is the first time out of all three pregnancies that I’ve experienced this symptom. The first one, I cannot remember tiredness and the memories I have of that one is of just morning sickness and the gallstones I got. The second was downhill from day one, yes there was tiredness. Oh, so much tiredness but I was too busy with head down loo/sick bucket to give it a thought. I couldn’t sleep as I was too busy being so ill.

This time it’s all I can think about. The days are such a blur as I spend them slobbing on the sofa or napping them away. There’s so much I should be doing, and so much I had planned that this isn’t helping the guilt. I’m hoping we hit a good stage soon, 4-year-olds school holidays shouldn’t be like this. Thankfully he’s more than satisfied with activity books and playing with his train tracks at the moment; I think he’s just as thankful to be having a break from this weather.

But oh how the weather just doesn’t help this tiredness, making the sickness so much worst and making me feel like I just can’t catch my breath. That doesn’t help aid sleep, and I’m spending my nights wide awake wishing my body to fall asleep because it’s so tired.

It’s hard to believe something, so little inside of me is making me feel this way, I always wondered why all the pregnancy guides for the first trimester say rest and tell you that you’ll be tired. Looking forward to our first Midwife appointment today so that I can come back and nap. Will be picking up some vitamins on our way after some recommendations, I’m surprised the Doctor didn’t suggest me taking folic acid or asking if I was already on it. I guess that will be one of the midwives suggestions.