Barcardi Cocktails With #cbias

We were invited to take part in a Barcardi challenge set to us by the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. Our challenge was to grab ourselves a bottle of Barcardi from our local shop and set about making a cocktail. You get to see us shopping for baby stuff, including summer hats and then raiding the alcohol aisles for essential ingredients.



Now as we browsed the shelves, we totally realised we got our cocktail ingredients mixed up. We were planning on making our favourites of ‘Woo Woos’, but of course, the ingredient to that is vodka and not rum. A fail on our behalves, so we were back to the drawing board with what cocktail we were going to consume that weekend. And then this Bacardi product caught my eye; I’m still not sure if we technically cheated, but it’s still a Bacardi product, so I’m sticking with that excuse. It just looked instantly refreshing, and I think it was the lack of chopped limes which didn’t have me wanting to neck it in the car (I wasn’t the designated driver.)

Barcardi Mojito


So that was our new plan, we decided to gather ourselves some limes, some fresh ice and invite our nearest and dearest around for a Barcardi Mojito evening. Now you’re probably wondering where the mint is? We considered it frugal of ourselves to not buy any seeing as we’re growing a stack of it in our garden, on our herb display. Which has been kind of handy recently with all the summer foods and drinks we’ve been preparing and consuming.



Seeing as we were cheaters and grabbed ourselves the easy option, there wasn’t much preparation for us to do other than grabbing a few mint leaves and chop up the limes we had got to chuck into the Barcardi Mojito. I’m pleased with what we grabbed; we were heading on holiday the next day so after a day of packing, quick and easy was the way I liked it. It would make a great bottle to take to a BBQ or even on holiday with you.

photo 4

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)


We very much enjoyed it, and it’s certainly on our list to buy again, we did spot another one pre-made which we might try, but then again we might get in a few bottles of Bacardi after using the Bacardi website to educate ourselves on what cocktails we can create using it.


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