Bounty Mutiny

Imagine for a moment that you’ve just given birth, it was a long labour, and you are shattered. You’ve finally given birth, and you may be a first-time mum. This new feeling is so different from anything you’ve ever experienced before in life, you may be tired or excited or even feeling rather overwhelmed. You will have so much going on, trying to establish breastfeeding, learning how to change a nappy and generally learn how to be ‘mum’ now that you’ve just welcomed a baby into this world. You’re taken up to the postnatal ward where you get yourself settled, you may have even got baby to sleep which is great as you can catch some sleep yourself or you may even be looking forward to that time of being alone with your new baby, you and your partner and baby as a family for the first time.


Then WHAM. A knock at the door or even just a head poked straight around a curtain where you’re then greeted by some pushy person who’s desperate to get your details to sign you up for you to get endless marketing emails/post & phone calls about anything and everything. Basically whoever they can sell your details to. You may even still be under the influence of Tramadol pain relief drugs or not even with it, so may even do this without ever remembering or knowing later on.


This intrusion just for a pack of free washing powder and whoever else they can make money from by getting there products in these bags for you to see directly after birth. They may not even be all about the bag, wanting photos so they can make even more money out of you with some photo that you could easily do on your phone. It would probably even be triple the quality and would cost you like a quarter of the price. The moment we got out of hospital we had a newborn shoot with a professional photographer, now that’s money well spent.


Or how about a real life situation such as mine..


Having the most perfect home birth as planned, one of many reasons you planned to have the birth this way is because you dont want the intrusion hospitals can bring after birth. But then having to go into hospital as baby decided to poo in your waters isn’t part of that plan, that can throw you into a horrendous hormonal state on top of the one you’re already in because your plan to go and have a bath/climb into your own bed gets thrown out the window. Being reminded everyday that you’re there by the Bounty woman who repeatably comes in and likes to point out that you;re still there with your sick baby by saying ‘oh you’re still here’. I was resenting being in there as it was, this made me resent it even more. I was there because my baby needed antibiotics every few hours. He was taken away from me to the NICU, we had breastfeeding problems those first days, we had the experience of a tongue tie. The last thing I needed everyday was the intrusive of someone who actually didn’t really matter to us or my baby. She wasn’t there for the well being of me or my baby. I talked about this Bounty lady in a blog post I wrote last year about Dylan & his infection.


Mumsnet has recently done a survey which is an eye-opener, I now know I’m not alone in experiencing this, and this has kicked me into wanting to share this and wanting to help bring a change to such a horrible experience so that no one else will experience this. That time after our babies are born are not the time for us to receive marketing in such a way, in the future maybe but an hour or so after giving birth? No thank you.


I recently read an insider story, someone who worked for them doing this job, you can read her story on the Telegraph website. I was not surprised by what I read, but I was utterly disgusted. You only have to look at a jobs website like this one to see endless job offerings for Bounty Photographer’s and doesn’t it just make you want to scream by just reading them?

‘Ability to store stock at home on ground floor level, ideally a shed or garage’. So that bounty bag is coming directly from someone’s shed or garage, is that what that implies? Isn’t this where chemicals are usually stored? I know in my garage I have all sorts of stuff which I wouldn’t want near baby stuff and don’t get me started on what is in the shed.

‘including membership to Masters Photographers Association (MPA) upon successful completion of training’ So you might get someone who to be honest isn’t interested in cooing over your new baby or giving you a sympathetic time, yeah they mean to seem like it when applying for the job. But when it comes down to it, they’re just a beginner at this photography lark and think this will give them a leg up on that career.


If like me and many others, you want BOUNTY, the NHS and the government to know that maternity wards ARE NOT the place to be letting sale reps come and market in such a direct way to us, in an unwanted and intrusive way then please, please sign this petition. Together we can make sure that no future mother will experience what I and many others have experienced.

Please take a minute to share this, and share your experience via your Blog, via Twitter or even Facebook. Not got any of those, then give me a shout, my little corner of cyberspace is all yours to help bring a change. I’ll be keeping a eye on the hashtag #BountyMutiny so I can continue to not feel alone in this experience and listen to those who also share their experiences.