I’m His Mum Of The Year

Tesco Mum Of The YearToday I’m meant to be a guest at The Tesco Mum Of The Year Awards, I went and bought a shiny new dress and even heels (not a clue how I was going to walk in them) and even treated myself to a new bag. It’s been a while since I’ve put down the food stained jeans and actually done something more to my hair other than wash it. This morning as I was getting ready and preparing myself to leave the baby (for the first time since he was born) he gave me a lovely parting gift in the thought of vomit, absolutely everywhere. Peeling off tights covered in it is not a pleasant experience.

Of course, there was no way you were getting me anywhere away from his side after that, the only time I let go of him was to hand him over to Daddy so I could scrub the carpet. It went on for most of the morning, I phoned NHS direct who’s advise were plenty of fluids and if it did get any worse to take him in. Of course, right now, you couldn’t tell that he’s spent half the day ill as he terrorises his big brother who’s trying to put together a dinosaur jigsaw.

So it looks like maybe today wasn’t the day we were to part, maybe next week I might try again to grab some ‘me’ time, but if he needs me, then I won’t be going anywhere. I will, however, remind him in twenty or so years, most likely by waving this blog post in his face that he owes me a day with Ill Divo & Mel C. You can watch the Tesco Mum Of The Year awards yourself over on Channel 5 on Mother’s Day. Will be such a lovely way to spend the day. I’m going to spend the rest of my day today continuing to clean up the carpet seeing as someone thought it was a good idea to share his rice cake with the floor.