National Libraries Day

Browsing Twitter this morning, I tend to browse the latest trends as this is usually my form of news update before actually reading the newspaper. We had #CornyPickUpLine & #ThingsYouShouldntDo.. Always good to click on for a quick laugh but the one that got my eye was ‘Happy National Libraries Day’ or #NLD13 as it’s otherwise known. Yeah, apparently it’s National Libary Day.

This has both reminded me that I need to take the baby to register for his first library card and actually take the toddler as we’ve not been in a rather long time. I adore libraries and can still remember the day I got my first library card and getting a new book out every time we popped into town. That’s the thing libraries usually are in a convenient place making it easy for you to see out and get to your nearest one. We’re popping into our local town on Monday so will seize our chance then.

Libraries are a fantastic place to find out about local events; I know our notice board is chock full of what’s going in and even includes details of events happening right there in the library like story time for the children or courses. For those without instant internet access, with just a library card you can use the computers and log on to surf the net. Do your kids have a library card?

The toddler when he was 5months with his first books from the Library