Breastfeeding – 9 Months On

9 months later and our Breastfeeding journey is still going strong, we’re still exclusively breastfeeding, and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. It’s grown up, just as the baby is. We said goodbye to breast pads a few months ago as our milk schedule synced with us. I’ve also learnt over the last 9 months that everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different. What maybe works for someone else not necessarily work for you, but then this is something which can be applied to all aspects of parenting.

Breastfeeding beyond 1 is something I’ve been interested in lately, and I’ve been reading a few blog posts which as well as making me smile reminds that this is normal. I’ve not really faced much criticism over breastfeeding, think I’ve had the odd disgusted look in public, but then this only makes me more proud of the fact we Breastfeed and that I’m taking the standby showing that this is a perfectly normal way of life and should be accepted out in the public eye. I do think we will be taking it beyond the age of 12 months; we will be taking to it until the Baby is ready to stop.

I made it no secret that I use a cover when out and about, I liked sharing it privately between baby and me, and I found it personally great in those first few months where I was getting to grips with the whole unhooking bra and juggling baby on to boob. It seems that we rarely do feed in public now as he’s got older, so the cover rarely gets used. But when we do it seems that I’ve now taken on the attitude of ‘sod it’, that’s exactly what I did the other day in a restaurant. He’s getting so big now that limbs are flying all over the place and he does grab the cover and it gets warm so off the cover comes, though I have to admit it comes handy at stopping him getting distracted by what’s going on around him. Though even with the cover, the sound of his Daddy’s/Brother’s voice had him coming off to then go back on.

I actually can’t remember if that was what it was like with the toddler when we were bottle-feeding.  I can’t remember how much milk he was taking at his stage, but I do remember we had problems getting rid of the bottle and he still had it at 2. I guess that’s one reason why we’re glad the Baby never took to them and why we don’t fancy introducing them now. Though we’ve hit a bit of a problem with the fact that Mummy can’t spend 24/7 with him anymore, well I can, but I want to go out and do some things which are not exactly baby friendly. This is where we need to master a way of giving him my milk & weaning him off the boob just for the day; I guess that will be my next Breastfeeding related post.

Our feeding schedule has been what it’s always been, on demand. We feed when we know the time is right, though nowadays it’s usually in the morning while he’s still in bed with us and I’m hoping I can still squeeze another hour or 2 of sleep. Then breakfast and a feed before naps, I’m guilty of still feeding him to sleep. We then have lunch, and then in between that & dinner, we may have another feed though part of me finds this to be a nursing feed, if he’s tired or as he is at the moment teething. This can comfort us both as we find that calm and quietness that this breastfeeding bond can bring. We then have one after the dinner and bath routine before bedtime. What we do, works for us. That’s what is important at the end of the day.