Lollipop Lane – Domino Stroller

Lollipop Lane, a leading UK nursery brand has launched its first range of strollers onto the UK market. We’ve been lucky to get our hands on one to review before it was released on sale. This anti-cruise stroller has been designed to keep in line with Lollipop Lane’s design led approach. They are available in four contemporary designs – Harbour, Mariposa, Carnaby and the one we are reviewing Domino.

Now I think what qualifies us to review this stroller is that we’ve used a stroller back with the toddler, a stroller that was double the price of our new Lollipop Lane Domino Stroller. I was looking forward to comparing the difference between the two and finding out what makes this Lollipop Lane stroller stand out from the crowd?

The Lollipop Lane Stroller

What do you get in the box?

A Domino Stroller including wheels and fold-able canopy and front shade visor, a rain cover, instructions, a bumper bar, a cup holder and a reversible padded seat liner.

Setting Up

Putting the stroller together was quite simple, it doesn’t come in any parts other than the main chassis and the two front wheels. These are easy to slot in following the instructions. The instructions themselves are informative with actual photos of what needs to happen with the set up of the stroller. I got slightly confused when it came to the liner but then seeing an actual photo of it set up to put this right. Popping the canopy on was simple and clicked straight into place. Setting up didn’t take much time at all. This impresses me, I like simplicity especially whilst I have a toddler and teething baby to juggle at the same time.

The Lollipop Lane Stroller


Storage wise we have an under basket, a zipped up compartment on the back and a cup holder. You also have the handle bars which are rather handy for a few ‘light’ bags, but of course, this isn’t recommended, use your common sense when it comes to something like this. The zipped up compartment is in a place where it’s easily accessible to you. I love the fact the stroller comes with a cup holder; I think every pram should come with one. Though the toddler likes to store his drink cups in them while I like to put my bottle of water/cream fraps in it. Maybe every pram should come with two installed? The only downside to this cup holder is the fact it sticks out to the side, but then it easily slides on and off if it’s not needed.

The Lollipop Lane Stroller

Design & Features

The design of the stroller is what we call an umbrella fold, and this personally is one of my favourite points to this stroller. It’s lightweight which doesn’t leave you struggling when it comes to putting it into the boot of the car or even carrying it up stairs. The chassis is aluminium providing a strong, sturdy structure for the pram.

You have three positions with the back rest to which gives you the ability to put your baby in what position will best suit you at the time, though I didn’t quite get a chance to pop it back before Dylan fell asleep in it. I only went to adjust the straps, must have been rather comfortable.The foot rest is also adjustable which is handy as the child’s legs start to grow.

I like the liner pattern, and so did Dylan, it’s common knowledge that baby’s first colours are indeed black and white and this certainly got his attention. He was sat staring at it while I was putting the stroller together. The liner is reversible as well as being padded to provide head support/comfort. The stroller has a handle attached to the side which blends in well with the pram, when folded it’s helpful to use this to carry it to where you wish to place it.

The foldable canopy also has a fold out sun vizor and a window which allows you to have a glimpse at the baby without stopping and popping around to the front. The front support bar is a handy feature which I found for myself was adjustable with a squeeze of the button at the side, fab for as when baby grows you can adjust it for his arms reach. Great for attaching baby toys on to keep them entertained while on the go or simply to stop them from being chucked out the pram and being lost to the pavement below.

The Lollipop Lane Stroller

The Ride

Ok so if Dylan could talk I obviously ask him how he found the ride, he cannot so I’m going to talk on his behalf. It looks comfortable, judging by the fact he fell asleep from sitting in for a few minutes tells me he likes the padded liner and that he needed not have the position adjusted for him. He fell asleep with it in the upwards position. He’s currently at the age of 6 months when these photos were being taken and this review being put together; he sat up quite happily and comfortably. I guess this is where I am realising my baby is no longer a baby anymore. Though the Lollipop Lane strollers are suitable from birth onwards.

Pushing is simple; I don’t think I need to elaborate on that other then fact it was a sooth ride for our little passenger. The husband enjoyed pushing and noted how simple it was to get up & down the kerb. Height wise, the handle grips are in the right place for both of us to not have to bend over. The angle they are placed at provides our hands with a comfy hold along with the comfortable foam they are wrapped in.

The front wheels have a swivel, and directional suspension while the rear wheels have suspension and a link brake. They are non-puncture so no worries about getting a flat tyre and hunting around for a pump.

The Lollipop Lane Stroller

The Shopping Test

We live quite close to a supermarket so unless we’re doing a big shop which is usually home delivered; we walk over to it. Of course, this means having Dylan in a pram and the handy part to that is those storage options I mentioned. I’ll be sad when our pram days are over as I’ll have to carry the shopping myself.

Heading to the shops, I want a pram where I can push and hold on to the toddler’s hand at the same time as we have roads to cross. Slightly difficult with a pram like this, though it is doable then I think if this were my main pram then I would be teaching to hold on to the pram himself. I remember my mother doing the same to me when my younger brothers were in a pram.

Of course what we were putting to test was the shopping basket, well I’m happy to say it passed. The storage basket attached made the most of the size of the pram, and it was as big you could get it on this stroller. Of course, it’s used to house the rain cover so you’ve never caught in some rainstorm without it, but this folded doesn’t take up much room and leaves plenty of room for storing other items such as your shopping. I put the much heavier items like the husband’s iron bru and the tins of baked beans, it didn’t even add much weight to the pram and was just as easy to push when the storage basket is empty.

The Lollipop Lane Stroller

Safety & Technical Information

The straps to me are one of the most important aspects to the pram; I’m happy to say it has a 5 point harness which is the most important safety feature. Adjusted to your baby’s size, this will keep your baby safely strapped in and kept in the right position while going up and down the kerb/partaking in Daddy’s pram pushing. The pram also as a safety lock.

Unfolded Size: L: 83cm W: 50cm H: 107cm

Package Size: L: 26.5cm W: 21cm H: 107cm

Net Weight: 6.9kg

Handle Height approx: 100cm

The Lollipop Lane Stroller

Overall Thoughts

I like the stroller and was surprised by how much so, it was the first time we had put Dylan in a forward facing situation and as the husband pointed out he probably enjoyed being able to see everything without our faces staring at him (his words!)

It is different to what the competition is offering in the stroller market. You’re getting your money’s worth when you think about how other stroller companies are trying to make more ££ out of you by selling accessories separately. For me, I give Lollipop Lane a big thumbs up for including a padded liner, bumper bar and that luxury of a drink holder.

The Lollipop Lane Stroller