Breastfeeding Doll? So What?

So recently the media got a sniff of the fact there’s a doll out there that’s a breastfeeding doll out there. So what? Big deal being what exactly? That there’s a doll that promotes breastfeeding just like there’s a doll that promotes bottle-feeding? I don’t think I’ve read an article which read ‘BOTTLEFEEDING DOLL, SHOCK, HORROR!‘. If it bothers you, simply move on with your life. You obviously have a problem with breastfeeding UNLESS of course your sharing the same fears as me. What I do have a problem with is young girls getting their assets out when they don’t need to be, not yet not until they have children of their own. Of course, that’s not what one certain daily mail article was about, it seemed to of grasped at the chance to have a dig at breastfeeding instead.

Breastfeeding Doll

This doll could be a great doll for a parent trying to explain to another sibling what they are doing; I know Oli gave me a fair few weird looks at first when I started breastfeeding his brother. Of course now that’s the norm for him to see. Which is what breastfeeding is, normal. It’s not something that should be looked away from in horror; it’s something that should be admired like all natural things are. What has angered me is that in the first few lines of this article it wasn’t really about the doll, it seems to of opened up the whole bottle feeding/breastfeeding debate yet again. Which I guess was the aim, nothing like a big wooden spoon take to that subject to get some readers and some debates on the go. I guess I’ve fallen trap to that with my reaction of anger and disgust at reading such.

I don’t think personal opinions should be something that is said aloud; it should be kept personal. The daily mail article journalist has spoken her personal opinion out allowed in public and therefore create another public breastfeeding vs bottle feeding debate. I don’t think I’ve expressed my real personal opinion on the subject, not even here on my blog. But I will right now, and this is the only time you’ll hear me saying this on my blog, to me breast is best. Yep I even used the cheesy line of ‘breast is best’, you’ll also find my husband quoting that too. In this house, we hold a stance that breastfeeding is the way forward. I also think you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve at least tried it. But like I’ve said, that’s my personal opinion.

What you will not ever hear from me is any negativity towards those who bottle feed, it is down to every parent how they want to feed their child. I will not cast any evil looks/words to those who bottle feed or even bat an eyelid because it’s none of my business. I will not be waving any banners or handing out any flyers (though you will find me taking part in breastfeeding mobs, dedicating a Pinterest board to all things breastfeeding & pretty much blogging about it every other week), if any breastfeeding woman came to me wanting advice and support I would happily past down the help and support that I’ve received. The same with any bottle-feeding woman who came to me in the same way, no different treatment simply because of the way they choose to feed their child.

Breastfeeding & BottlefeedingI’ve bottle fed one of my children, and I’m breastfeeding the other, I’ve been on both sides, so I think this qualifies me to have to have a say on both seeing as I’ve experienced both methods. One of my children knows bottles, and the other one will never know what bottles are. I’ve seen and learnt the differences with my own eyes. I’m not going to go into these because I don’t have to justify either way of feeding, I do however at the end of the day have two healthy boys despite being fed in 2 different ways.

I have an issue in how this article spoke on behalf of people that breastfed, trying to make it seem like we’re all bottle-feeding haters. I don’t think I’ve ever read publicly anywhere that someone has accused a mother of child neglect simply for not choosing to breastfeed her child. If this author feels that way about bottle-feeding then maybe she’s got hidden guilt? If she feels criticised that I think she has issues which shouldn’t be taken out on those who breastfeed. Simply buck up your ideas and back up your own decision. She’s got a backbone if she decided to stir up this whole breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding again.

I think it’s about time we moved on from this; there’s no debate to had especially over people’s own opinions which is kind of what it bottles down to at the end of the day. If we’ve taken on this decision to become mothers, then I’m pretty sure we’re capable of deciding how to feed our children be it formula or breastmilk.