Two Parenting Fails In One Week

There are only a few things as a parent which can make you cry, be it a bad night with the baby or an uncontrollable toddler tantrum in the supermarket. They can bring tears to your eyes.

My first parenting fail of the week didn’t bring much tear wise other than an ‘oh no!’ Apparently it was pirate week at Oli’s playschool and guess which child wasn’t sporting an eye patch and a beard? Yes, mine. The newsletter had a date mistake where the days were wrong, but the dates were wrong. I, of course, went with the day and not the date! Doh! It wasn’t a biggie as some other kids refused to dress up, so he wasn’t the only non-pirate there.

Today’s parenting fail did bring tears, from both Oli & me. He was invited to a Birthday party a while ago for a girl at his school. We’ve had the invite on our fridge ever since and spent yesterday getting Oli rather excited about it as we picked out some presents and a card for her. We turn up to find not Birthday decorations in the hall but Halloween decorations. I thought we had the wrong venue until the man said aloud the date of the party to which the organiser of the Halloween party said was yesterdays date. So we’re only a day late for this Birthday party! Oli was simply gutted, I felt like I needed to be marched straight to the stocks. I do feel like I’ve let him down, twice I’ve failed him this week simply for being all over the place with my dates.