Tesco Mum Of The Year Awards 2013

When you think of mum of the year what springs to mind? I’ll tell you what springs to my mind when I think about the mum of the year – undeserving celebrities. Women that have become mum of the year simply because of there celeb status. Now don’t get me wrong some of them deserve it, especially those that give so much to our charities and communities. I do sometimes feel that I wish there were more of a story behind the reasoning of them becoming mum of the year.

Tesco Mum Of The Year Awards is completely different to those other mum of the year awards. This one is all about celebrating real mums, like you and me. Those of us who have gone beyond our normal daily tasks and have given to others be it emotional support to a friend in need or helping out complete strangers. Those mums that have really made a difference for the greater good, these are the mums that really do deserve to be honoured and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Why not say thank you and nominate an amazing mum that you know that deserves to be recognized for what they have done. They’ll be awarded at a glitzy awards ceremony at the rather lovely Savoy hotel where they will dine with celebrities. Not only that but also rewarded with an outfit to wear, a two-night stay in London and goodie bag full of fantastic treats. What better way to say well done and thank you then all of that?

To nominate head over to this nomination form and let Tesco know who should win the Tesco Mum Of The Year Award. Why not let all your friends and family know about the nominations over on Facebook/Twitter? You never know, you might just nominate the same person doubling their chance to be recognized for what they’ve done. But be quick! Nomination’s end at 11.55pm on the 21st September – that’s tomorrow night!