Boobs, Boobs & More Boobs!

It seems that I’m reading news stories about boobs on a daily basis lately, be it, someone, accidentally letting off a cheeky flash or another study about breastfeeding- boobs are EVERYWHERE. I don’t know if I’m noticing it more since I started breastfeeding and developed a new found love for my own boobs but they certainly do seem to be a hot topic at the moment.

Of course, I think the biggest boob story on everyone’s lips right now is the Kate Middleton topless photos. Some photographer took photos from a roadside while Kate and her husband Prince William were on a private holiday in France. I’m not sure on my views to this story, part of me thinks ‘Kate, you took the risk now accept the consequences’ and the other part of me thinks ‘Kate, you poor woman, you just don’t get privacy anywhere – rip them to pieces’. An even bigger part of me though wonders if these photos would of still be taken if Kate was to of been breastfeeding her child? What then? Would that of been newsworthy, what headline would have been put to that?

I got giggles from this daily fail article about Rosie Huntington’s boobs; you can quite clearly tell it was published by a man. Like seriously, if I were to push my boobs together like Rosie is in the second photo, I would have cleavage that could give Katie Price’s a run for her money. There are so many factors which can change the look/size of your boobs, from padded bras to the way you stand. Why would it be so news worthy?

Hitting in the news in relation to breastfeeding is a study which says that breastfeeding isn’t the only cause of droopy boobs. Apparently, what does contribute to those saggy, droopy or deflated boobs is alcohol, smoking, multiple pregnancies, body mass index and bra size. Has breastfeeding made my boobs saggy? Nope, if anything they’ve gone the total opposite and are perkier then Mount Everest.