Gunamuna Gunapod


I got sent a gunamuna gunapod when I was pregnant from the guys at Clothing at Tesco to review with Dylan for when he finally made his appearance. Now we’ve pretty much had good weather since he was born, thankfully the sun waited until I had given birth as I don’t know if I could have coped with this sun and pregnancy. It’s ok because apparently the weather is meant to change over this weekend so that we might be using more of our gunapod.

We got to use it the other day when we decided to take a trip to the park, and the weather was a little breezy, and Dylan just needed that extra layer. It’s a soft 1.6 tog fleece so not quite as heavy as a 2.5 tog. He looked quite happy to be in and fell asleep wearing it; I found the fact I could open it up without waking him quite handy when I got him home as it was warmer indoors. I love how soft it feels and can’t help but to give him extra cuddles when he’s wearing it.

There’s so many ways the gunapod can be worn, it’s the first wearable blanket that does everything you need. You can unzip the bottom easily to change a nappy or to let the feet breathe; you can unsnap the top getting to his/top, you can remove the entire front, so you don’t have to wake them up to put it on.