My Pregnancy Food Craving

I didn’t really crave anything in this pregnancy otherPregnancy Craving than apples. It’s the only food I can remember in the last nine months wanting more than anything else. With Oli, I craved curry mixed with a serious amount of cookies, like I couldn’t have them separately. When I cooked the curry, I would break up the cookie crumbs to add to it.

Weird, huh? But at least it wasn’t a lump of coal or a sponge. Did you have any cravings?

But this time around I’ve not noticed a serious urge for anything other then the times I needed apples, the good ones too, not the cheap children ones that I usually chuck the child. Do you know how much a trolley full of apples can add too? Would have been cheaper to of had the curry/cookie craving again.

Pregnancy CravingI have wanted stuff at times which is like a MUST EAT; you know each time I filled my gut with a McDonalds it was secretly baby wanting it not me. Cakes have been a major urge, especially towards this end. I’ve gone off sweets completely and have replaced any snacking with cakes, biscuits and chocolate. I am hoping this is just a pregnancy thing and that once I’ve popped, I can easily step away from the biscuit tin.

Suppose eating has been strange for me the last nine months, of course at the beginning with that Hyperemesis Gravidarum I wasn’t eating at all, and the baby Pregnancy Cravinghad his way of easing me back into eating gently by wanting me to eat nothing but salads. The other week saw me have a really funny moment with food and by funny I mean I just couldn’t stop eating. I would finish my tea but then want to continue eating; it would get to the point where I was sat on the sofa with a picnic suitable for a family of 7. That was just strange, but then I guess it was all just another sign that baby was on his way. Either that or along with his daddy, he finds it funny that I have now had three chins.