24 Hour Heart Pack

As I said this morning in my moany blog post (it was early, the hormones were in full swing, and the man wasn’t around for me to take them out on) that I was getting a 24 hour heart tape attached to me today so that the consultant could see how my heart is doing. After being taken to the hospital and being told I had SVT, we’ve been keeping a close eye on my ticker. A couple of weeks after I had small palpitations but since then I’ve been ok.

If all comes back normal and nothing is abnormal, then the consultant has said that I’ll be all signed off consultant care and can continue the last few weeks back under midwife-led care. Back to normal, not like this pregnancy has been normal.

I have to keep a diary for 24 hours of pretty much everything I do, though I’m not quite sure they wanted to know about the chocolate brownie I ate tonight it may have had my heart racing more than anything else I’ve done this evening. Am heading back to the hospital tomorrow to get it taken off, keep your fingers crossed for me that it can be done in 30 minutes, so I don’t have to take out a loan just for the atrocity that is hospital car parking charges.