Mummy Mistake #23

This morning as I was being lured to the park by my two-year-old I realised I had made the ultimate mummy mistake. This mistake was confirmed as I was asked to sit down on the grass. You see this morning as I was getting ready for the day I put on the item of clothing that no mother should wear. Of course, any mother can wear it, but for me, it is the ultimate wardrobe mistake.

The item of clothing I am speaking about is a pair of white trousers. Bright white clean trousers which should only make an appearance on those rare childless days/evenings. It got to a point where I was collecting potential stains every few minutes.

I did not want to be a spoilsport for Oli so happily rolled around in the grass with him, welcome stain number 1. We came back and played in the garden, hello mud – stain number 2. We then baked cookies; we had lunch, cuddles, tickles, I did housework, more toddler fun, more stickiness. I did take a photo, but it does not quite show the dirt as much as I what I saw.

Safe to say when the white trousers come out the wash they will not be coming out for a while.