British Mummy Blogger’s Carnival – Travelling With Children

I’ve been doing lots of travelling lately with the toddler what with finding a house and going back & forth from houses to where I used to live. We’ve had some right nightmares with the toddler developing travel sickness which isn’t helped with food he’s eaten or the hot weather. At least twice we’ve had to stop at a lay-by to strip the child, clean his seat and change him. This all got me thinking about a theme for the British Mummy Blogger’s Carnival which I was to host, I know I’m not the only parent out there who finds ‘travelling with children’ a memorable experience! So without further undo I give you the parent blogosphere posts about travelling with children.

Going on a plane with your little one this summer? Melaina shares with us a cool gadget called Cares which helps to keep little ones in their plane seat and means no carrying on heavy car seats.

Or how about the train? Erica travelled 7 hours (Eeekkk) with her little one and had the great idea of creating a train bag which is filled with lots of different items to keep her boy entertained on that rather long train journey.

Be prepared is the key criteria from Lunchbox World who talks about how times have changed when it comes to travelling with kids.

Whereas Rachel over at Midlife Singlemum has some fantastic advice and tips about travelling alone with a baby or a toddler on a plane.

Nightmare for Frankie with her hellish trip which saw her travelling alone with a five-month-old. Another eeekkk!

A Scandinavian Sojourn talks about her hatred of fellow passenger’s attitudes towards you when you’re flying with small children. She also includes such fantastic tips on flying with children.

I’m not sure what was the worst thing about Roxy’s car trip, having to listen to Bieber or the fact her friend had been driving with the parking brake on? I’ll let you decide!

What do you do when your 2,500 miles from home and you’re still bottle feeding the child and need to sterilise bottles? Well, Cheshire Mum made a vlog about sterilising in a hotel.

Mellow Mummy shows you that summer holidays with babies & toddlers don’t have to break the bank and gives you some fab advice from picking up guidebooks for free from the library instead of buying them and taking your car seat when hiring a car to save money.

And if after all that travelling you’re hungry why not pop over to Red Ted Art who has a step by step guide on how to make Helly Kitty Cake Pops.