Innocent Queen of I

Along with 25 other bloggers I was invited by Innocent to become a ruler of a letter for one of their funky letter magnets. We were picked to be Queen of i which I’m rather proud to be as i could, of course, be i for innocent. We’re big fans of innocent in this house and count the yummy smoothies, and fruit tubes are one of our five a day, we kindly got sent some of these along with iceberg lettuce.. see i-ceberg lettuce.. clever..right!

We choose to represent our chosen letter by sticking it in the one place which the letter ‘i’¬†reminds us of. The icebox! Though it was a close call with iggle piggle.

Why not submit your photos of where you have stuck your magnets to the innocent gang by tweeting them @innocentdrinks and using the hashtag #innocentkids or by posting it in the innocent Flickr album. You could be in with a chance of winning a smoothie delivery and a special limited edition magnet t-shirt.