Do You Bribe Your Child To Read?

According to a report in the daily mail almost half of parents have to result to bribery to get their children to read, bribery methods including TV, the computer and sweets.

This kind of information scares me, as someone who has boarded the journey of Motherhood is this something I’m going to be battling with when Oli (and any siblings that come along) hits reading age?
Am I going to have to bribe them to read homework books with chocolate and the promise of half an hour on that games consoles but only if they sit and read for 20 minutes. I remember as a child I used to enjoy sitting down to read a book; you didn’t have to bribe me at all. I flew through all my stage books at school, and I was so proud of myself when I graduated onto the ‘read any book’ from the library because I had finished all the school issued ones.

It’s amazing how in 10 years technology has become more & more part of our lives. As I look around I can see an Xbox which belongs to Daddy, he also countless more games consoles upstairs. A BT box which allows you to pause and record TV, Oli is currently using this to watch Waybuloo. I am sat on my laptop catching up on emails and checking my eBay. As much as I depend on technology myself I for what it might do for my son’s future and what kind of impact it will have on things like reading.

Is technology to be blamed for this need to bribe children, is the ever-growing list of gadgets and game consoles taking the place of the book? I suppose it won’t be long before I add reading books to my farewell cassette walkman post. I guess it will be up to me as his Mother and main influence in his life to make sure he doesn’t get essential reading time mixed up with an hour’s Nintendo ds gameplay.

Will the future for our kids be all about ebooks? Will our children be bringing home reading books on kindles?

Would love to know how you parents with older children tackle distractions such as TV and games consoles when it comes to reading and homework. Do you bribe your child to read?