Nutella At Legoland

NutellaWhile growing up I used to have Nutella for breakfast most mornings and even when I grew up and moved out I remember having jars of it in the cupboard, there were many mornings where my housemates and I were found spoon feeding ourselves straight out of the jar! (It’s on every student must do list!) So to me, it feels normal to offer it to Oliver as an everyday spread for his breakfast in the mornings. I see Nutella as a family-friendly brand, and I guess it can be found on most of your breakfast tables too?! When I got invited along with some other Mummy Bloggers to a Nutella event at Legoland, I went along to find exactly how family friendly Nutella is.
We were greeted with a wonderful breakfast spread which of course involved lots of Nutella. This was no ordinary breakfast though; we had some lovely company in the form of Ferrero UK’s Marketing Director, Mauro de Felip, Psychologist Karen Pine, Nutritionist Sian Porter and Chef Alan Coxon. We discussed in detail how much breakfast plays a big role in day to day meals and how certain nutritional breakfasts are. Some of the things I learnt…
  • Per serving, Nutella has less sugar than jam.
  • Children have a stomach the size of their clenched fist
  • Because Nutella is packed full of Hazelnuts, it releases energy slowly. It is a low GI food.
  • A parent will have to give a new food 10 to 15 times before it’s accepted (So I won’t be giving up on trying to get Oli to eat cabbage just yet!)
  • Children eat food by example
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I know I already knew this, but it reminded me that it was something I need to get across to Oli now and in years to come.
  • There is no need to use butter when spreading Nutella on your toast.
  • Nutella contains no artificial colours, preservatives or hydrogenated fat.
  • Alan Coxon is the King of food knowledge.

For all that time I was eating Nutella, I was convinced that it was chocolate spread. How wrong I was! The cocoa content for it is around 7% which is barely anything if you compare it to other spreads. The two hazelnuts which are included in every 15g makes Nutella a hazelnut spread, and all that time I just thoughts the nuts were on it to make it look pretty! For me this breakfast event only made me more confident in my choice to give Nutella as a breakfast spread to Oli, I see it as part of an essential balance diet which both he & I can benefit from. I see it being a part of our breakfast table for years to come.