Why Does He Hurt Me?

Can I have a kiss please Oli? SLAP. Cuddles Oli? SLAP. Mummy loves you, do you love Mummy? SLAP.

Is my child the only one that responds by a flick of the wrist instead of the intended action? He went through a phrase of kissing and wanting to show affection lovingly but now he’s exploring other ways to show affection towards us. Is this something I should be nipping in the bud now while he is so young, how do I go about disciplining a baby on the verge of being a toddler.

I do tell him no , and I let him see that he’s upset me. I will pick him up and put him on the floor or walk away. But he will do it again. I know it needs to be nipped in the bud before he goes to nursery. He’s not a ‘terror’ child. He is a well behaved little boy, he will happily play with his toys and I do get attention from him even if its when he’s tired and he just wants to rest his head on my lap. I suppose it’s the fact he’s so well behaved is why I’m shocked that he wants to slap/attack me with his toys most of the time. Can it be just normal boys play?

He can’t speak, so his only form of communication is his actions, how does he learn to use his hands to speak out? He doesn’t watch violence in any form, we don’t slap each other – not even in a joking kinda way. Are they born with this mechanism which makes them do these kinda things causing me to question myself as a Mother. Did I do something wrong?

Why do I always question it was me that did something wrong when I tell myself all the time that I’m doing the best that I can do. Being a parent is not easy and I’m 99% sure I am not alone with thinking that.

It’s not like I’ve bought something faulty, I cant just take it back to the shop or in this case, I cant just put Oli back in my belly and cook him for a bit longer in the hope that this need to slap out will disappear. I need to find a way to fix it. But how? My experiences of motherhood and what I’ve observed is that I need to be tougher – does this mean shouting at Oli which then leads to tears to get the point across that what he is doing is naughty?