Travelling With Toddlers

I really wanted to call this post travelling with babies, but I’m kind of coming to terms with my baby now being a toddler. Now, this post isn’t containing helpful travelling with toddlers tips, sorry if that’s the reason you’re here and I’ve disappointed you!! It’s me asking you for help; now I rarely travel by Oli other than in the car. That’s a mission in itself, but at least he’s strapped in. Tomorrow Me & he are travelling to London via train/tube. Now I’ve been on a train before with Oli to London, not something I wanted to experience again in a hurry but I do have faith that this time will be ok as we have only one train to catch which goes from our station straight to London Paddington. Last time he was still my baby and didn’t want to leave his pushchair. But now he’s found his feet; it’s a whole different story! I just know that when we get on that train, he’s going to want to get out of his pushchair and explore.


Always On The Move!

Now it’s a moving train, and as much as I let him run wild in shops to avoid the aggro, I dont want him to hurt himself/bug the other passengers. But then I don’t want to deal with him screaming and crying for the whole of the journey. Seeing as he’s going to be on the train more less straight after he wakes up, I doubt he will want to nap.

I will, of course, load his Maclaren up with as many toys/snacks I can fill it with, but he gets bored easily, I passed him a toy, and he will only play with it for a few minutes.
And I will, of course, let him stand against the window but then what do I do when he gets bored of that, cue screaming/crying because he wants to move around.

I know it’s not quite a 10-hour plane ride, but I bet these 2 and a half hours will seem like the longest 2 and a half hours of my life! Help!