You know those inventions that we just couldn’t live without now that they have been discovered and used? Like the tin-opener, my speciality dish beans on toast wouldn’t be possible without it. There’s a new invention for us Mummy’s that has been designed to make our lives easier. It’s like the tin-opener for my pram. It’s just what I needed, and I find myself wondering how I’ve made it through the last 11 months without one. And what is it? Well, it’s something called The SnoozeShade.

My baby group was an hour earlier than usual, which conflicted with Oli’s nap. Not wanting to miss out on socialising with the girls, I still went. But had a rather grumpy baby who needed his morning nap. I spent what seemed like most of the session trying to rock Oli to sleep. I even left him screaming in his pram, hoping he would just go off.

Then I remembered I had the SnoozeShade underneath the pram in its storage bag, why I didn’t think of it straight away is beyond me and I’m still beating myself up about that now. So I popped it out, and over Oli, it was like an instant drink – ready in seconds and Oli was asleep in seconds! The darkness and the shield from distraction helped Oli think he was in his room and his cot. He then slept longer than what he usually would, which was great for me as being able to shop in peace after the baby group was pure bliss!

If only I had this when Oli was first born then I wouldn’t have had to hunt for muslins/blankets to cover him while he was sleeping or when I was trying to get him to sleep!

The SnoozeShade fitted perfectly on to my Britax Strider and as you can see from the SnoozeShades website and full list of stockists on the SnoozeShade website where you can purchase the SnoozeShade.


It’s so simple to use, the velcro straps (which are hi-viz!) just go round any handles/bars you have, and there’s a zip at the front so you can take a peep at the baby to check if he/she’s ok. I was concerned at first when I saw it online – I thought it was crazy to be able just to cover up the pram like this, but as soon as you see/feel the material you know it’s perfectly safe. It’s well ventilated and perfectly safe for baby.I also used the SnoozeShade on my way to The Baby Show in London; this is one time where the SnoozeShade is your best friend – a train full of people, noise, distraction and a rather tired baby that is screaming because he needs some shut eye!