This was not the post that I was going post today but I just so angry and what better way at expressing that anger then via my blog. The lovely Amy over at And 1 More Means Four twittered a daily mail article, which out of curiosity I read – Manager sprayed air freshener at me after I started breastfeeding in his charity shop.

Oh how I shouldn’t have, it really gets my blood boiling ready about these kinda stories, though saying that anything from the daily fail is likely to send your blood pressure rocketing. This week a Woman who chooses to breastfeed her child in a charity shop gets sprayed with air freshener as. Apparently, her milk smells and that she was not allowed to feed her child in the store.

You would expect a charity shop to be more understanding and I think the fact this man poked his head around a changing cubicle where this woman was going to be trying on clothes is a criminal offence itself. Violating a woman’s right to privacy while getting dressed and then violating her right to feed her hungry child. Just wrong. WRONG! Grrrhhh!

I’ve talked about bottle feeding/breastfeeding before, and I explained how I couldn’t/didn’t breastfeed. But I will certainly try breastfeeding again when the next child comes along.

I dont know if your like me and like to read other people’s view on these kinda stories and scroll to the bottom where you can see them. Of course, there are people that see sense and are understanding and say in their comments. But then there are those horrid comments; you click on that little tab worst voted and then you’re faced with some mean-spirited people who obviously have nothing better to do than slate breastfeeding women…

Some women use ‘breast-feeding’ as an excuse, so that they can expose themselves in public.
Why can’t they confine breast-feeding to their homes, and just give the kid bottled milk when they’re out in shops, on buses, etc?

I know that they reckon that it’s a ‘natural’ thing to do … but there are a lot of ‘natural things’ that people aren’t allowed to do in public, because of the likelihood of causing offense.

– Paul

Dear Paul

I’m pretty sure that most breastfeeding women would much rather not be exposing themselves in public and I’m sure like me they would rather milk just squirt out of there fingers to save the embarrassment and controversy that is surrounded by getting your boobs out to feed your hungry child.
Confine it to there homes ? just bottle feed when out & about? Cant we tell that your not a father. And I do feel for any Woman who does choose to have your child. I hope you can change your pig-headed views on breastfeeding then.


The only mistake was the man looking into the changing room. This breast feeding in public be it in a charity shop, on a bus or anywhere else should simply not be allowed. If a woman revealed her breasts in public under normal circumstances she would likely as not be arrested for indecent behaviour. There is no difference between the 2. Political correctness yet again raises its ugly head.

– Pip

Dear Pip

Firstly, Then man made TWO MISTAKES. (Being a peeping tom & a being a total dick towards a breastfeeding woman) and secondly YES IT IS ALLOWED.
There certainly is a big difference between the two, Yes I agree with you – a woman getting her assets out in public for NO REASON is wrong and yes may result in being arrested for indecent behaviour. But when a Woman gets them out to FEED her child, there is no offence in it at all. You must have your own issues if you get offended by a woman giving her child vital nutrients and goodness.


Well it does have an unpleasant smell for sure. For goodness sake young mums plan your day better – why choose to exhibit yourselves in public ?

– Michael


Dear Michael

I have sat next to lots of breastfeeding Woman, and I can tell you it doesn’t smell. But so what if it did? Surely people can overlook that and see what the Woman is doing for her child? If you Micheal were to be sat next to me on the bus/train and smelt highly of B.O, I would be a nice person and just put up with it (unless I were to see you every day for a long period and then words would just have to be had!).
Young Mums I hear you say? Just had to chuck that in.. And the difference between young Mums and breastfeeding? NOTHING .. apart from young mums do breastfeed, so why chuck that in? Why dont you go and join Jan Moir’s little group, you’ll get on well with her. P.S The Mother talked about in this story is 32 so I’m still confused where the young mum bit comes into play?!


I could carry on all day replying to these selfless mean people. Why can’t they just accept that breastfeeding is NORMAL, it is NATURAL, it is GOOD for the baby/child and it certainly ISN’T WRONG!!!