The Baby Show

Today was the day of The Baby Show, which is currently being held at ExCel in London until Sunday. I managed to win my self a couple of tickets, so I took along a friend of mine & her son. We decided to get the train instead of driving as we thought it is easier and we had found a deal where we could travel to London and back for the bargain price of £10.

Oh, boy wasn’t we wrong about thinking the train would be easier, we had found out that morning that our local station wasn’t included in this deal (after being told it was) so we had to drive to another station to catch the train from there. This change of station also ruined our plans of getting a straight through train to London.

So instead we had to endure many changeovers and delayed/ cancelled trains. We finally got to London about 3, so, unfortunately, missed Annabel Kamel and much of the program. But still it wasn’t a wasted journey, there was a couple of hours left, so we rushed in to make the most of it.

Finally at The Baby Show

I just wish the journey there hadn’t been so long & that I hadn’t got up at 5 am that morning, because by the time we had got in all I wanted to do was go home and rest my tired feet. There was so much on offer, from Britax prams to advice from midwives. It was quite overwhelming. It is the perfect place to come if your pregnant/have a newborn baby. There was one stall where you could travel cots/changing mats/highchairs/slings and all that kind of stuff for some very good prices! Just a shame Oli was at the age where he had most of it!


Despite being tired, I did try my best to take everything in and grasp at everything there was to offer. We did return home with many freebies; my friend bought something from every stall/display we went to! I on the other hand bought nothing.. I was so occupied with keeping a rather tired/teething Oli occupied that shopping just wasn’t a possibility for me.

Tired Little Boy!

Oli playing in the Tomy Toy Zone

I don’t think we ever wanted to leave, not only because of the thought of travelling back home on those horrid trains but because we were in our element surrounded by all these other Mummy’s. I’m gutted that I didn’t take more photos when I was inside, but trying to juggle Oli in one arm and push a pram in another was a mission as it was. It’s a shame I didn’t get to meet some of the other Blogger/twitter Mummy’s who I have become friends with over the last few months. I would say I look forward to meeting you at the Mummy Bloggers Conference coming up, but I think I might give London a miss for a year or 10!! I’m hoping we can return to The Baby Show when it comes to Birmingham in May, as that is only an hour away from us and we might just leave the babies at home this time.

Sleepy Boy

I was so proud of Oliver, he spent the hours of 7 am to 3 pm and then 5 pm to 11 pm travelling, this couldn’t have been easy for a teething boy who doesn’t like being cooped up in his pram. We learnt that prams & the underground do not mix, not only are you having to squeeze into a train like sardines with Londoner’s desperate to get home you have to fight to get a pram up/down an escalator. I think we may leave London until the Boy’s are out of prams and able to walk themselves!