Sledging Fun

When friends rang me to say that they had a snow day and did me & Oli want to go sledging with them I was quick to accept. We had not got round to sledging yet as everywhere was sold out when we went to buy one, even baby baths were all out of stock as they were being used as sledges!I did feel slightly bad at first about taking Oli out, should I take my nine months out in it so that Mummy could have fun? But after exchanging my worries and receiving some great advice on Twitter, I was reassured that the fresh air would be good for him and to get him used to it young! So I wrapped him tighter than a burrito wrap and made sure he had several pairs of socks on his feet and hands! (The socks stay on better than mittens!)

I don’t know what I was so worried about; he loved it! He made me giggle by cheekily blowing raspberries at some kids playing nearby!