First Steps

Oli’s Baby Man Flu got a lot worse then just a runny nose & whining, it turned into the worse few days we’ve ever experienced since he was born. The sleepless nights made the days tough; we took him to the doctors who said he had a viral infection and gave us some antibiotics for him. It was so hard for me to see him in pain, I shed as many tears as what he did. He’s not a baby who likes to hug, so he didn’t want to be cuddled or comforted, the nearest I got to him was when he fell asleep with us in our bed. But he started to feel better last night, we could tell as he was cheekily back to trying to crack the stair gate open and begging for food (he sits in the kitchen & opens his mouth!) Which meant he didn’t have to miss his friends 1st Birthday party & a sleepover at his Godmothers.

More to the point he took his very first steps! He was stood on the other side of the corner sofa and saw that I had some breadsticks. Instead of crawling over to me as I had expected him too, he took a few steps and just walked to me. Excitement overtook me, after hugging him and gleefully letting him know he made his Mummy’s day I took to letting Daddy and everyone know that Oli took his first steps.