Baby Man Flu

Baby Man FluThe boy has a cold which I would say is more like Baby Man Flu. The constant whining, a box of kleenex emptying faster than what the toybox does, hot soup on the go, back & forth to the kitchen for supplies. It sounds so familiar to me. Oh yeah, I suffered this when the Older man of the house had the flu. Well, Man flu. The whining had made today unbearable; I can’t wait for my bedtime! I can’t wait til his afternoon nap. But those 2 hours will no doubtfully be filled with washing & even more washing!My energy has just disappeared into thin air! When I woke up this morning, I planned walks in the park, Coffee at Costa (juice for Oli) and a trip to the library but so far we’ve had several hours of Cbeebies. I blame this weather; it looks so dull out there. I want the snow back just for an hour, so it looks all pretty & exciting out there. The weekend can not come quick enough for me!