Tolo Safari Boy

We got sent a safari boy from the safari adventures range over at TOLO. I was going to let my Godson and his brother review it but seeing as they’ve come down with Chicken pox I doubt I will get the chance to see them anytime soon! So I introduced it to the boy this morning, as soon as I took it out of the box his face lit up, he took an interest in something I was holding other than a mobile or the laptop.

The first thing he managed to do was to make it squeak. There’s a little button which is big enough for Oli size hands which he easily pushed. This made him giggle; he likes noisy toys (much to my displeasure!) He then discovered the moveable arms, legs and hat. He went a bit wild twisting and turning. I also think that was down to the clicking noise it made.

He played it with his other toys which are a new thing for him; he’s starting to interact with his toys. And then of course like any other teething kid his age, he stuck it in his mouth for a good nibble & dribble! The recommended age on the box is 1-5 years, but I would say it’s ok from 6 month’s onwards with adult supervision!

This is one toy that definitely wouldn’t be a waste to buy at this age; I can see Oli playing and continuing to dribble over this for much longer yet. It’s perfect if they are on that transition from those baby toys into the world of big toys!