After collapsing yesterday in immense pain while visiting Cotswold farm park, the man rushed me home where I then went straight to the doctors. After poking my belly, which was incredibly painful to the touch, he said it was most likely that I had gallstones and needed to go to the hospital. I was in the room when he rang the hospital; they didn’t seem to believe him as they said I was too young and that it was most unlikely to be gallstones. He stated to them that I had just recently had a baby and that the pregnancy which was the most probable cause. I went to the hospital where I was given painkillers and admitted to staying overnight.

That was last night; It was only today that it was confirmed that I had gallstones after having a scan. Yesterday they threw an x-ray, and some blood tests at me but didn’t pick up anything else. I’m not in pain today so as soon as I was scanned, I was booted out and was told there would be a letter in the post to discuss surgery. Once I got home I self-educated myself with the help of Wikipedia on everything Gall Bladder related and looked at pictures which I’ll be kind enough not to share with you, on what the stones look like in the Gall Bladder.

The issues I had during pregnancy towards the end started to make so much sense after receiving this diagnosis. All those times I would clutch my stomach in pain, the endless trips to the doctors and hospital to say I was in pain. It was all because of the Gallstones. Made sense why after fatty foods like burgers or the curry’s I had that I was in excruciating pain. We never put two and two together at the time, and I guess neither did the hospital/doctors who put it down to the baby and shipped me on my way with painkillers.

I remember the one time where I was in so much pain and having an injection where it was to mature baby’s lungs in case they needed to deliver him. Another time, walking into A&E at gone midnight as I had chilli that evening and that must of flared it up. Of course, we didn’t know that at the time, and I was sent on my way once all the monitoring’s on the baby came back ok, and the pain had subsided. At least we know now that it wasn’t him causing all that pain after all.