Thank You For Making Me ‘Best Pregnancy Blog’ Finalist

Like WOW. You guys voted me for BEST PREGNANCY BLOG and I only went and became a finalist for BEST PREGNANCY BLOG in the MAD blog awards 2014! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I enjoyed blogging about my pregnancy and sharing my diary right here on my blog, recording a diary as […]

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The Blog Posts


Win With Mr Kipling!

How do you fancy getting your hands on this rather delicious hamper filled with Mr Kipling goodies? It’s a picnic basket packed with a box of Lemon Bakewells, Lemon Fancies, Lemon Whirls and St Clement Slices. Not only does it contain some edible goodies but there’s also a picnic blanket, cardboard cake stand and picnic […]

Pink Lining’s Definition of Motherhood

One of our favourite baby companies, Pink Lining has put together this beautiful video to celebrate Mother’s Day. Watching it as I celebrate Mother’s Day has filled me with some much love and pride as I look at what I’ve achieved with my own 3 children. My Mother’s Day so far has been filled with […]

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The 2nd Week

Kick started our 2nd week with our first proper trip out of town, we decided to attempt shopping for the first time with the 3 children.  That was after we had picked out our new car. The man asked Oli that morning what car he wanted, he replied with Optimus Prime! Pretty sure if Daddy […]

twitter whilst in labour

Labour In Tweets

Well this is going well so far.. hour wait for a room. Wooooo. *sarcastic face* pic.twitter.com/NmB1yvo10H — Emma Harris (@MeTheManAndBaby) February 28, 2014 Well at least we showed them that we meant business by bringing in the carseat with us. It was pointed out that this was presumptuous of us. No signal in that delivery […]

38 weeks!

38 Weeks

The day I hit 38 weeks started early for me, I was awake with braxton hicks from 5.30am onwards, I just couldn’t sleep and doing the school run was something straight out of a zombie film. I’m not quite sure how I did it. That morning my Midwife phoned me just to check in and […]

Trendy Thursday

So we’ve decided that the one linky that we just cant resist joining in with now is Medicated Follower Of Fashion’s Trendy Thursday. I think it will be a fab way now that we have completed our trio of children, to record all those first & favourite outfits. When I was pregnant, we invested in […]

week 1

The 1st Week

Friday saw the birth of Charlotte Grace Harris, full details will be spilled out in time over various birth story posts. The next day we came home, we eventually got back about 6pm. By the we had picked up the boys from their friends houses it was dark and was time for bed. It was […]

Silver Cross Surf 2 Different Combinations

Introducing The New Silver Cross Surf 2

You know what can make a company really stand out from the others? It’s one which listens to customer’s feedback and act upon it. That definitely makes me smile when it comes to prams and hearing that they’ve took the original model and made improvements to benefit us as pram users. Silver Cross are introducing […]

inducing labour

Induce Me? No Way!

So I guess I last left my blog with my letter ‘Dear Baby Girl‘ where I mentioned that the consultant had wanted me to be induced asap because of her size from the last growth scan. Despite it still be under the line, I was still happy with the growth and I knew all was […]

2014-03-01 11.46.10

Introducing Charlotte Grace Harris

Born 11.44pm on Friday 28th February 2014. Weighing 5lb 9oz.  

Dear Baby Girl

Today they want to evict you from your nice cosy womb, we’re not ready for this, I’m not ready and I know you’re definitely not ready. So we may be ready on the outside in the physical world, as I lay here at 3am writing this, I have your moses basket set up next to […]