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The Crying Spell

Right now we are in the middle of a crying spell. When this happens I want to cry as well but I cant, I have to pull out all the stops to try and calm Dylan down and find a way of stopping it. Only I cannot and when this happens the only solution we… Read More

ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Tutti Fruity Review

ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker

The best part to being an adult is being able to buy yourself all those things you were never allowed as a child. But of course that can only happen if that thing is still being sold in the present day, well thankfully for my inner child one of those things are still available today… Read More

Top Time-Saving Easter Tips and a Giveaway!


Easter is early this year with Good Friday falling on Friday 3rd April, so there isn’t a whole lot of time to grab your chocolate easter eggs, craft materials, decorations and party supplies. Which is why we thought it would be good idea to share our top time-saving tips for easter and also run a… Read More

Top 2 Online Catalogues for Baby Products

Are you having a baby? The time will come when you need to start shopping for the new addition to the family. New clothes, toys, cribs, bassinets, push chairs, and more. Whether purchasing a new crib, or diaper bag, you want the best. These are two of the top choices for families to consider when… Read More

Disney Baby Minnie Talking Plush Review


The children had the delight being sent the Baby Minnie soft toy from Clementoni to review . I can happily point out before going ahead with our review that this is exactly the kind of toy we would be happy to purchase ourselves from simply looking at the toy, reading the description and being such big… Read More

4K TVs Are The Future

I recently had a conversation with the husband about how our generation was probably the last to remember life before technology really had an impact upon our lives. By the time we had hit mid teens social networks were becoming more popular and accessing the internet and online material was becoming easier. TVs were changing… Read More

Charlotte’s 1st Birthday


Her Birthday was meant to be celebrated the week before at a birthday party but sadly was rather poorly so we had to cancel everything, thankfully the venue were rather understanding and it didn’t cost us anything. Instead of booking soft play and having a fancy cake made we donated the cost of this to… Read More

Trendy Tots Thursday


My favourite outfit of the week by far was this one, the sweater being from United Colours Of Benetton, leggings from M&S and top from H&M. I say H&M top but it was a 6/9 months dress which we never got round to wearing (cheers weather) but can handily now be used as a top.… Read More

When It Gets Overwhelming


Sometimes it isn’t Dylan himself which is overwhelming but actually talking about it can be just as emotional and exhausting. Yesterday was one of those days, it mostly revolved around Dylan and whatever is going on with him. You know I still feel like a fraud using the word ‘autism’ even though this is where… Read More



We have used Grobag ever since the birth of our second son Dylan back in 2012. I have never been comfortable with the idea of babies sleeping under blankets at night or even during nap times so owning a grobag was the perfect solution. We found them even more of an essential for us because… Read More