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Not Understanding


Oh darling this afternoon as you gave yourself a nose bleed I wondered if this is the start of something. Only the other week you hurt your finger as you went flying into the sofa and we thought you had broken it. You didn’t understand the consequences of your actions and you found it funny… Read More

Living Arrows – 3/52


I am totally behind with my Living Arrows posts and I cannot find anything suitable from my camera snaps to put up for the week I need to catch up on. My SD card is currently filled with photos of everyday objects or of the kids looking drunk because I cannot capture them smiling unless… Read More

The Ordinary Moments – Ice Creams


Our ordinary moments this week are simply of the children eating ice creams. They are obsessed with them at the moment and we have discovered Charlotte adores the cone which I think is how I would want my ice cream if I was to have one right now.  I do not think the kids appreciated… Read More

Weebledown Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn


I have never actually heard of Weebles until we were offered the chance to review the Weebledown Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn. The husband on the other hand has and actually had some as a child and now he gets to watch his children play with Weebles just like he did. Removing the Farm from… Read More

This Month’s Must Have Prams


1. Stokke Scoot. Just like the Stokke Xplory which seems to get updated and improved every few years, the Stokke Scoot is now on its second version. Stokke like to listen to customers feedback and take this on board when designing new products. Wheels have changed and are now foam filled rubber. The Scoot can… Read More

The B&W Photography Project | Week #3


I’m hoping I can cheat this week with a photo from my phone as I have not really been out or even had the camera out at home. I’m pretty pleased with how I do go running for the camera these days instead of trying to use my phone but when out and about I… Read More

The Week That Was: Captured #3

the week that was #3

We escaped the warmth of the house on Sunday for the park and even though we wrapped up warm we did not stay long and hurried home for warm drinks. We were there long enough though for Dylan to have a good run around, Charlotte to have a go on the swings she loves so… Read More

Cosatto Ooba


  When Cosatto announced the new Cosatto Ooba 3 in 1 Travel System I was rather excited and could not wait to get my hands on one to try, Cosatto gave me this opportunity this year and sent me the Cosatto Ooba in Marzipan. From what I saw online I loved everything about it but… Read More

Trendy Tots Thursday


This week is all about Charlotte and this outfit. This gorgeous outfit I bought from the Little Bird range at Mothercare back when I was pregnant with her. Oh how beautiful she and this outfit is. It’s the first time she has worn a skirt which only adds to the cute factor. I didn’t actually… Read More

New Colours and Style Kits for Stokke® Scoot™


It’s no secret that we are a house of Stokke lovers so when we hear news of new products we cannot help but to get rather excited. The latest news from Stokke is the release of new colours for the newly updated Stokke Scoot. Spring 2015 sees us receiving the Stokke Scoot in Aqua Blue… Read More