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Baby’s 1st Christmas


This year is the last time we will experience a Baby’s 1st Christmas as we introduce Charlotte to this rather special day. I had a little wobble about this the other day when talking to the man about this. Was wondering how I could make it special for her but as he pointed out all… Read More

Last Minute Toy Shopping for Christmas

Late Santa Claus in empty storehouse

Whether you’re woefully unprepared for Christmas (despite festive advertising starting in mid-October) or have been thrown a last-minute curveball (“Oli doesn’t like Ninja Turtles anymore”), there is still the chance to avoid the Christmas Eve petrol station dash for ill-considered presents for the kids of the family. Here we look at toy shops offering quick… Read More

How To Optimise A Family Budget

If you were to ask any family if they had some budgeting tips to share with you I’m pretty sure they could tell you at least 5, pretty sure we all budget in some way even if we are not aware of it. As your family grows your budget needs to go further and we… Read More

My Next ‘Christmas Wish List’

Freddy Fox Hot Water Bottle

    It’s becoming a yearly tradition that you must own at least one Christmas Jumper and can you believe I dont actually own one yet? Horrifying I know so I have put this rather festive delight to the top of my Next Christmas Wishlist. I’m not a huge jumper fan so this Christmas Sweater… Read More

Elf Free Zone


There’s only one Elf I want to see this year and that is this one.. Not this evil looking Elf On The Shelf which is turning up in my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed. He is absolutely everywhere and I cannot go one glance at social media without seeing his scary face. He does genuinely… Read More

Learn To Write Letters With Mr.Pencil


Oli is at the age now where school isn’t just about fun and games any more. Now that he is in year 1 it is all about learning, with English and maths being the core subjects. Between the two English is his favourite subject and at home we encourage this love of letters and writing… Read More

You Are Invited To Join In With #NickJrCraftmas

Blogger Button - FINAL

We have been invited to join in with the Nick Jr. Crafty Christmas Twitter Party that is hosting on Monday 1st December, 1-3pm. The idea being to help keep the little ones busy over the festive period with lots of different festive craft activities. In advance we have been sent some of these festive craft… Read More

Trendy Tots Thursday


It’s been a poorly household here the last few weeks so I have not taken part in Trendy Tots Thursday lately. That I meant I couldn’t share these adorable photos of Charlotte wearing her brothers old catsuit. Oli wore this back in October 2009, Dylan in October 2012 and now Charlotte in October 2014. It… Read More