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My Little Pony DVD: Friendship is Magic: May The Best Pet Win

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, as May the Best Pet Win

The eagerly anticipated second installment from Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, May the Best Pet Win has galloped onto DVD and is out now to buy. After realising that she is the only one in her group of friends not to have a pet, Rainbow Dash organises a competition to determine… Read More

Cloth Nappy Love #1


How could we not join in The Mumington Post & More Than Just A Mummy #ClothNappyLove Linky when we are having so much fun lately rocking some rather fantastic nappy prints. Dylan here is rocking one of the new Bambino Mio prints Cheeky Monkey which they sent us in advance of the launch so we… Read More

Sensory Play Is Not A Load Of Goo or Baskets Full Of Crap


As Netmums thought they were funny by saying exactly this in this 13 annoying parenting terms gallery. I actually failed to find it funny at all and considered it to be more insulting then anything especially considering that out of these ’13’ so called annoying terms  2 of them are sensory play related. For Dylan… Read More

Drivers Must Learn To Resist The Urge Of The Smartphone

Many of us have become slaves to our smartphones, feeling the need to check it as many times as we could in a day. Checking emails and messages, viewing posts on social media, and playing games take up most of our screen time. That’s well and good when you’re at home or hanging out with… Read More

#MySaverStory With NatWest

Deposit Into Piggy Bank Savings Account

When Natwest got in touch to tell us about they are making saving fairer that also asked us to share our tales of savings past, present and future I could not help but to think of the Christmas Carol story and those ghosts of past, present and yet to come. I had a chuckle and… Read More

New Stokke Stroller Seat Style Kit Grid


Oh Stokke fans you are in for a treat! How stylish is this new Stokke Stroller Style Kit Grid!? I am loving the bursts of orange and how it is combined with grey, two colours which I know are in trend this season. The pattern is inspired by the graphic prints which were popular in… Read More

A Day In The Life Of My Undiagnosed Autistic Child


Today started with no breakfast, should of guessed it would be one of those days. Toast is a hit and miss and sometimes you will have to leave it there for a while and let him take it in his own time. He has been unwell and only yesterday saw him being sick but  thankfully… Read More

I Am Not Alone


If you read my random ramblings regularly then you will see I have started to document my thoughts, feelings and progress on what is going on with Dylan and his amazing life. I have added them under the category of autism though I have not bought myself to publish this as one of my top… Read More

Not Understanding


Oh darling this afternoon as you gave yourself a nose bleed I wondered if this is the start of something. Only the other week you hurt your finger as you went flying into the sofa and we thought you had broken it. You didn’t understand the consequences of your actions and you found it funny… Read More