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Trendy Tots Thursday


So this week I asked Daddy what were his favourite clothes that he’s seen the kids wearing this week. Of course I got a blank look as if to say ‘they were wearing clothes?’ I think he thinks that they magically appear on them somehow. He sometimes participates in buying them clothes and taking notice… Read More

#DoonaMoments – Going On Holiday

#doonamoments holiday

There were so many reasons why taking our review Doona on holiday with us was a brilliant idea. Firstly we didn’t really fancy taking the double pram, you see we still have Dylan who’s of pram age at 2 and Charlotte who obviously needs one at the age of 4/5 months so using some form… Read More

Our Butlins Holiday Diary – Day 1

Knock Knock Butlins

We have so much to say and so many photos to share from our Butlins Ambassador review holiday that I thought I would share some of the things we got up to each day in diary form before summing everything up into one final review post. Plus seeing as this is our blog and we… Read More

Trendy Tots Thursday


We were sent the most amazing hamper from River Island this week which was a total surprise, they simply asked for our address as they wanted to send us something. Being a RI fan I totally handed it over and was glad I did. All the kids got new outfits (I didn’t even have to… Read More

World Breastfeeding Week 2014

Frugi Breastfeeding Dress

This is my third year of celebrating World Breastfeeding Week and as the years go by I’ve discovered my passion for Breastfeeding has developed as well as my own personal relationship. Back in 2012 I wrote about Breastfeeding – 3 months on, I talked about my first time Breastfeeding as well how it developed over… Read More

How to make a bow using Fondant Icing

fondant bow

Fondant icing provides the perfect opportunity for you to flex your creativity, experimenting with eye-catching shapes and colours in order to achieve a unique and special decoration. A fondant icing bow is the perfect finishing touch for a celebration cake, and it’s easier to achieve than you may imagine. Follow our easy guide to make… Read More

#DoonaMoments – Popping To The Shop

Cuddleco Doona

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the rather handy storage bag yet in any of my #DoonaMoments posts which is where we’ve been sharing what we’ve been getting up to with our own review Doona. The snap-on storage has been a used a couple of times now, once for storage the raincover whilst we went on… Read More

Trendy Tots Thurday – The Holiday Edition

Mamas & papas shirt

So we went away to Butlins this week as part of being a Butlins Ambassador. It’s safe to say Charlotte has a suitcase packed full of outfits for every hour of the day, we could even possibly push that to every half hour. I really did just grab her wardrobe and drawers and empty them… Read More

Trendy Tot Thursday

White Primark Top

This week is all about Charlotte, mainly because keeping a Toddler still long enough to get a photo is impossible. I’m squealing with delight this week as Charlotte finally fits into the Tuscany Sweatshirt Happy Heart from OrganicZOO which she got sent to review when she was born. It’s size 0-3months but Charlotte spent the… Read More

#DoonaMoments – Walking The Dog

#DoonaMoments Walking The Dog

I’m often out and about walking the dog and sometimes the kids join me, of course if the younger ones come then they will be in their pram. Using our review Doona meant no having to set up the pram, I simply just popped Charlotte in her Doona which is kept by the door or… Read More