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Trendy Tot Thursday

White Primark Top

This week is all about Charlotte, mainly because keeping a Toddler still long enough to get a photo is impossible. I’m squealing with delight this week as Charlotte finally fits into the Tuscany Sweatshirt Happy Heart from OrganicZOO which she got sent to review when she was born. It’s size 0-3months but Charlotte spent the… Read More

#DoonaMoments – Walking The Dog

#DoonaMoments Walking The Dog

I’m often out and about walking the dog and sometimes the kids join me, of course if the younger ones come then they will be in their pram. Using our review Doona meant no having to set up the pram, I simply just popped Charlotte in her Doona which is kept by the door or… Read More

#DoonaMoments – The Hospital Appointment

#DoonaMoments The Hospital Appointment

Oli had his eye check up today, this meant a trip to our local hospital in the car. Of course another perfect moment where our Doona which we’ve been sent to review has made our life easier. Whilst Daddy got the boys out the car, I grabbed her out in her car seat, released the… Read More

#DoonaMoments – The School Run

#DoonaMoments - The School Run

The school run is 10 minutes, though can vary depending on who’s walking and if we’re running late or not. I’m usually feeding right up until the moment we leave, this very occasion Charlotte had fallen asleep on the breast and I was able to carry her over to her Doona which we’ve been sent… Read More

What’s In Dylan’s Changing Bag

Dylan changing bag

We seem to barely be at home these days, instead we’re often out & out about having adventures. Dylan decided yesterday before going out that I had packed the changing bag wrong. He instead got everything out, placed some items I apparently missed into it and then kindly put a few of my chosen items… Read More

Trendy Tot Thursday

Hello Kitty

I’ve recently been involved in a conversation on Twitter about how some of us fail when it comes to buying ourselves clothes. I just don’t find it enjoyable any more. But what I do enjoy is buying the children clothes and I’m finding myself loving children’s fashion the more I buy. Here’s Dylan wearing one… Read More

#DoonaMoments – Trip To The Doctors

#DoonaMoments Trip To The Doctors

So our first trip out with our new Doona which we’ve been sent to review was going to be on a dog walk but then we remembered Charlotte sadly had her immunisations that afternoon, and what better opportunity then a quick trip to the doctors for her first ride.We usually carry Charlotte from the car… Read More

We Saw The Nurse!

2014-07-08 08.49.04

Thought I would update you on where we’ve got since I published ‘Seeking Help‘ and was left waiting for the nurse to phone me. Well come the end of the day no phone call and again no phone call the next day. By the time the husband had come home I had calmed down, Oli’s… Read More

Happily Co-Sleeping Again


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few months now, to document and record the fact that now Charlotte is here we’ve happily chosen to go down the co-sleeping route again. A year after the last round of scaremongering (Co-Sleeping Worked For Us) we now have it surfacing again with recommendations from NICE… Read More

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

So I was going to start writing my post about the weekend just gone at Britmums Live 2014 but every time I think of the weekend I cant help but to smile about people. New people that came into my life just a couple of days ago, people that were strangers but are now who… Read More