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Bob The Builder? More Like Billy The Builder!

bob the builder

A crime has been committed. one which has left parents and toddlers all across the UK totally horrified. Apparently the new makers of Bob The Builder have gave Bob a little fix of his own, they have decided to put him on some Weight Watchers diet with some amazing results. He’s also been hitting the… Read More

Sonny Angel Tops off his Tenth Birthday with Ladurée

Sonny Angel Patisseries Collection

To celebrate the tenth birthday of Sonny Angel they have has teamed up with Ladurée, the iconic Parisian baker, to launch a limited edition Patisseries Collection. The brand has a huge following in France and the designers are truly honoured to collaborate with the infamous bakery to mark the occasion. The Patisseries Collection introduces 12… Read More

The Best Mum-Friendly Apps


Being a mother can be a lot of hard work, often combining the roles of lots of different occupations into one. Taxi driver, chef, secretary; with so many family goings on, it can be rather difficult to even keep on top of the huge number of duties that need doing, let alone find some quality… Read More

Trendy Tots Thursday


Seems we are following on with last weeks theme of wearing hand me downs, Charlotte has mostly been seen in more of her brothers old clothes this week. A couple of items which I liked so much and found them to be unisex, that they didn’t get put into the ‘pass on’ pile for friends… Read More

The One Where Dylan Goes To Nursery

Dylan Nursery

The moment Oli started school last year we decided we wanted Dylan to attend the Nursery near by his school. For convenience but also because it is rated one of the best nurseries in our town. We totally agreed with this after looking back at the pre-schools Oli went to before starting school. The first… Read More

Dinosaur Financial Advisors Face Extinction

Beagle Street has committed financial advisors to The Dinosaur Museum on Britain’s Jurassic Coast in Dorset, following research showing that 55% of adults do not have life insurance with a third blaming financial advisors for over-complicating the industry. Now reading that above statement I find myself myself nodding in agreement. We don’t have life insurance… Read More

Should The Disabled be Allowed To Park In Parent & Baby?

Because they seem to think it’s OK. However if we turn that question around and ask if Parent & Baby should be allowed to park in disabled I’m sure it will return cries of horror and how it shouldn’t even be considered. This was pretty much the topic of conversation between me and the man… Read More

Trendy Tots Thursday

I’m coming at you with some old school Lilly & Sid today. This outfit was last worn 2 years ago by Dylan and now it’s being recycled and worn by Charlotte. If it wasn’t for those lips I could of easily thought this was a photo of Dylan wearing it. Lilly & Sid proud themselves… Read More

Preparing Your Home For Your New Puppy

There are few things more exciting in family life than bringing a new puppy home for the first time. A dog can be an excellent companion to kids throughout their early years, but there are few moments as memorable as a puppy’s first hours at home. If you’re thinking of adopting a puppy, you may… Read More

Bigjigs Bella Cuddly

Bigjigs Bunny

Agent Baby was first to get stuck into her mission and by stuck in I mean she dived head first into it and used all of her senses to give it the ultimate review. First it was in the hands, then it was tasted, then it was snuggled and then it was rolled on to.… Read More